Green Economy Platform
Scoping Pathways for a Green Economy Transformation in Africa

Competence Centre eStandards for SMEs
Enabling Sustainable Business Models and the Circular Economy through Digitalisation

Academy of Change
Accelerating Change Towards Sustainable Behaviour

Understanding Food Value Chains And Network Dynamics

Integrated Sustainability Strategy for the Stadtsparkasse Wuppertal
Investing in a Good Life in Wuppertal: Identifying Material Sustainability Topics for a Regional Bank

Transition from Linear 2 Circular: Policy and Innovation

SUS-AGRI (Switch Africa Green Mauritius Programme)
Promoting Sustainable Local Agriculture Through Green Retail and Green Hospitality

Innovative Logistics for Sustainable Lifestyles

Happy Power Hour II
Enabling Adaptation of Industrial Energy Demand to Dynamic Power Supply

Sustainable Tourism Innovation for Community Empowerment in Kenya