| Posted April 4, 2019

4th Circular Change Conference on 16 – 17 May in Maribor, Slovenia

The Circular Change Conference, taking place in Maribor, Slovenia, 16-17 May 2019, is one of the most prominent annual gatherings of the circular economy community, sustainable businesses and government actors in Europe. The ambition of the 4th Circular Change Conference is to move towards “less talk, more action”. We are inviting you to explore what […]

| Posted March 28, 2019

How to Create More Environmental Value AND More Economic Value

What does a small producer of jeans have in common with a large manufacturer of jet engines, a green government building and one of the world’s most efficient water systems? They are all creating extra value with circular business models while simultaneously reducing negative environmental impacts. The CSCP coordinates the R2Pi Project – Transition from […]

| Posted March 27, 2019

Leading NGOs Come Together in Berlin to Complete the Academy of Change Programme

What are the 10 golden rules for designing behaviour change interventions? How do values support or hinder specific behaviours and why is it important to address people as citizens instead of as consumers? These were some of the main questions discussed in the final Academy of Change workshop in Berlin in February 2019 with more […]

| Posted March 26, 2019

Addressing Climate Change Will Require Radical Changes: the 1.5-Degree Lifestyles Report is Out

Sustainable lifestyles remain a touchy subject, often avoided in decisions and actions towards a sustainable future. A new report makes the argument that changes in our consumption patterns and lifestyles are inevitable, and does the numbers crunching to demonstrate the magnitude of potential changes in lifestyles needed in order to achieve the 1.5-degree celsius aspirational […]

| Posted March 25, 2019

Apply for the Innovation Award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2019”

The innovation award “Bio-based Material of the Year” award will once again be given to novel, innovative and trendsetting bio-based materials and products. Through the award, the nova-Institute and InfraServ Knapsack spotlight new bio-based materials, launched in 2018 or to be launched in 2019. The deadline for submission is 28 February. The innovation award is […]

| Posted March 24, 2019

Visions for the Future of Work

2000 visitors, 6 cities, 6 dicussion rounds and many, many insights into people’s hopes and worries regarding the digitalisation of work… this is a first tally of our “Durchblick” popup dialogue-centre on the future of work. It toured through Germany from October 2018 to February 2019. We are happy the exhibition could initiate many dicussions […]

| Posted March 23, 2019

The CSCP to Bring Sustainability to the Artificial Intelligence Debate

Fittingly titled “AI made in Germany”, the German Federal Government presented its National Artificial Intelligence Strategy in late 2018. With AI as one of the cornerstones of digitalisation, one major task will be the integration of the AI strategy into existing digitalisation strategies. As part of the Mittelstand-Digital Competence Centre eStandards, the CSCP is contributing […]

| Posted March 22, 2019

Sustainable Consumption and Production: New Value Creation Models on the Rise

Are you a prosumer? You most probably are – if you have ever grown a tomato on your own, repaired your bike or mended your own clothes. Most of us are not even aware that we take part in active value creation every day! And we do this for good reasons – whether as a […]

| Posted March 21, 2019

The CSCP and Its Partners Developed the Handprint – a Tool for Measuring Positive Sustainability Impacts of Products

Assessing our footprint is key but there is more to explore! What about the positive impacts we are having on people and the planet? These actions are where the Handprint comes in: The Handprint is a new perspective on sustainability. It represents the positive contributions organisations and companies make towards a sustainable future. The project […]