| Posted February 7, 2020

Wanted: Your Fresh Idea to Reduce Food Waste in Wholesale and Retail!

Do you have a promising idea that can contribute to the further reduction of food waste in retail and wholesale? You are a company, start-up or initiative and have recognised the potential in retail to reduce food waste as a direct “bridge to the consumer” as well as an interface to food production and want […]

| Posted December 8, 2019

Introducing Mission Green for Vodafone Germany Employees

The CSCP supports Vodafone Germany in the development of sustainable lifestyle activities as part of its innovative Mission Green employee engagement programme for approximately 16,000 employees throughout Germany. Going on business trips, commuting to work or having lunch at the canteen. Employee behaviour both at work and at home contributes to carbon emissions, and therefore […]

| Posted December 6, 2019

BOOM Holiday Camp’s Registration Is Open for Summer 2020 – Share it on Your Network!

“How will I live and work in 2030? What products and services will be needed in the future and how can they be designed more sustainably? Will there still be the same jobs in 2030? What skills will I need for the future?” The CSCP will be exploring these questions among many others with teenagers […]

| Posted December 5, 2019

Join us at the Urban Sharing Society Workshop on 7 February in Wuppertal

Can sharing as a guiding principle and strategy for sustainable development provide new impetus for sustainable living and economic activity in cities? How can urban space and coexistence be shaped in such a way that everyone can benefit from (alternative) prosperity as well as social and ecological sustainability? How is it possible to facilitate cooperative […]

| Posted December 3, 2019

Looking to Increase Sustainable Behaviour? Our Taste the Change Journey Shows You How!

‘Taste the Change’ is an interactive online toolkit that leads you through the main steps of creating successful behaviour change interventions. Inspired by principles of gamification, ‘Taste the Change’ has been developed as part of the Academy of Change programme with the purpose to disseminate behavioural knowledge in a user-friendly and innovative way. It is […]

| Posted December 2, 2019

The SCALIBUR Project – a Reference for Waste Management in Europe

In the EU over 100 million tons of bio waste are thrown away each year – around 200 kg per person. The majority of this waste goes to landfills, therefore wasting valuable nutrients, energy and resources while causing major environmental challenges. Nestled in the hills – a dormant volcanic range 20km southeast of Rome – […]

| Posted November 29, 2019

Day of The Good Life in Wuppertal – Get Involved in the Planning Phase on 30 January 2020

What does the ‘good life’ mean to you and how could we collectively create a neighbourhood that makes such a life possible? On 30 August 2020 citizens in the city of Wuppertal will give their suggestions and the vision will be brought to life for one day and beyond. Register now to join the kick […]

| Posted November 28, 2019

Advancing Change Towards the Circular Behaviours That Really Matter

Looking for new and insightful approaches to enable behaviour change in the circular economy? The CSCP, Sitra and the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) have realised this knowledge gap and launched the Consumer Insight Action Panel, in a multi-stakeholder collaboration including business, NGOs and European policy-makers. EU policies and decision-makers have long recognised the importance […]

| Posted November 22, 2019

Mainstreaming Circular Economy in Europe: Learn About the R2Pi Project Results

Whether you are a newbie to the idea of circular business models or an expert – the outcomes of this project help you to get started, learn more, improve, or connect with other players in the field of circular economy or your industry. Both for businesses and policy makers, the project participants developed a toolbox […]