| Posted March 24, 2021

The CSCP and Transgourmet Germany Collaborate for Less Packaging Waste

A single German citizen generates over 220 kilograms of packaging waste per year, according to the Federal Environment Agency (UBA). In response, the German federal government launched a new packaging act (VerpackG) in 2019, which along with the new EU strategy for plastics is set to increase recycling rates and boost reusability. This has led […]

| Posted March 17, 2021

The Academy of Change (AoC) Has Kicked-Off its Third Round

Having previously trained over 100 representatives of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from more than 25 countries, the Academy of Change (AoC) capacity building programme has launched its third round. The programme, a uniquely designed format, supports NGOs to increase their impact by integrating behavioural insights into their work. The third round of the Academy of Change […]

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Our weiter_wirken Capacity Building Programme Wraps Up Successfully

Be it promoting biodiverse gardens, boosting sustainable fashion or fostering more sustainable food choices, our capacity-building programme weiter_wirken supported non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to increase the impact of their projects by successfully incorporating behaviour change know-how. The programme, which started in October 2020, offered a four-part workshop series to help participants design effective behaviour change interventions […]

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Green Horticulture in Kenya: Opportunities and Challenges for Farmers

How can Kenyan farmers increase the market share of their produce both locally as well as in Europe? What is holding them back and how to overcome those barriers? The report “Introducing Green Horticulture at Lake Naivasha in Kenya”, as part of our GOALAN project, offers an enhanced analysis from a local and international perspective […]

| Posted March 10, 2021

Circular Packaging from a Consumer Perspective

Many companies shy away from converting well-established packaging, knowing that routine and recognition effects are of enormous importance for the purchasing habits of consumers. But, since a great portion of today’s packaging is not yet recyclable, change is inevitable. So, how can the transition to more sustainable packaging succeed? As part of the Consumer Insight […]

| Posted March 9, 2021

A New Framework for Enabling Circular Business Models in Europe

Shifting to a circular economy in Europe is highly dependent on reducing resource use, lengthening the lifespan of products as well as boosting their reuse and shared use. Repairing, remanufacturing, and recycling are also important elements. Circular business models are thus crucial: but, what type and how to successfully implement them? The ETC-WMGE report “Business […]

| Posted March 4, 2021

The CSCP Welcomes the European Parliament’s Demand to Curb Overconsumption

In an attempt to bring European consumption and production patterns within planetary boundaries, the EU Parliament has recently demanded the first-ever EU targets to reduce overconsumption by 2030. Having worked for 15 years toward sustainable consumption and production (SCP) practices, the CSCP is looking forward to tapping into this new momentum and collaborating for a […]

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Listen to Episode 4 of our Academy of Change Podcasts: Evaluation of Behaviour Change Interventions

Changing behaviours is an integral part towards sustainable lifestyles. But how do you know whether the intervention toward a more sustainable behaviour really worked? In this episode, we close the loop of behavioural interventions by talking about evaluation. Listen to our conversation with David Fell who shares his expertise on the importance of evaluating interventions […]

| Posted March 3, 2021

Join Our Online Workshop “Digital Sustainable Value Chains” – 18 March 2021!

How can digitalisation enable sustainable business models and the circular economy? What does this mean in practice for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)? In a recent series of online events, the Competence Centre eStandards has approached these questions from multiple angles and in different formats, aiming to support SMEs make the most of digitalisation in […]