| Posted August 20, 2020

Join our event “Place of the Good Life”, 30 August 2020, Wuppertal

Neighbourhoods represent important forums for tackling various social and environmental challenges as they are the sites where much of the regular interaction among people takes place. Our project Day of the Good Life is exploring ways to motivate and strengthen citizens to shape their neighbourhoods sustainably together with family, friends and neighbours. Learn more about […]

| Posted August 19, 2020

Watch Our Webinar “Putting Solutions on the Table: Approaches and Interventions for More Sustainable Food Consumption Behaviours”

Over 90 participants joined the Valumics webinar on 16 July 2020 which focused on the main food consumption targets at the EU level as well as related challenges and opportunities in achieving them. The webinar, an interactive session hosted by the CSCP with the participation of Valumics partners and field experts, focused on these questions: […]

| Posted August 18, 2020

Join the Federal Action Week “Germany Saves Food”, 22-29 September 2020!

About 11 million tonnes of food are lost in Germany annually, meaning that the average German wastes around 55 kilos of food per year. This points to flaws throughout the entire supply chain: from producing and processing through to household consumption practices. Innovative tools and approaches as well joint commitment from all hallmarks of the […]

| Posted August 12, 2020

Listen to our Academy of Change Podcast: Behaviour Models as Guides for Positive Change

Gaining accurate information about people’s behaviours and their decision making practices is becoming significantly more important in achieving sustainability goals across various fields. As a result, important questions arise: What motivates specific behaviours but discourages others? How are behaviours constructed and shaped but also changed and transformed? The second episode of our Academy of Change […]

| Posted August 5, 2020

Household Waste Analysis in Solingen: Enhancing Better Sorting from a Consumer Perspective

What can garbage bins reveal about consumer waste sorting practices and underlying behaviours? How can such information be used to improve waste separation? Is behaviour change or a change in the product package design the best solution in a specific case? The Club for Sustainable Packaging Solutions, as part of CIAP (Consumer Insight Action Panel), […]

| Posted July 29, 2020

The Competence Centre eStandards Project Extended: Greener Businesses Through Digitalisation

Since its launch in 2017, the Competence Centre eStandards has directly reached over 14,000 companies as part of its goal to bring digitalisation and standardisation to German Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs). In the second phase, the project looks to maximise its positive impact by strengthening the work on sustainability and focusing on new thematic […]

| Posted July 27, 2020

‘Competitive After Corona’: CSR.digital Discusses Opportunities with SMEs

With a combined demand and supply shock, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)  have been greatly exposed to the adversities of the pandemic outbreak. On the one hand, production has been affected by business closures, travel restrictions, and distancing requirements. On the other, containment measures have decreased demand, especially in sectors such as gastronomy or tourism. […]

| Posted July 1, 2020

Enabling Organisations to Reshape Their Business Model 

With a background in consultancy in the field of strategy and organisational development, Jannik will work closely with businesses aiming to reshape business models in support of more sustainability. What drew you to work in sustainability? I was brought up with a high sensitivity towards sustainable behaviour. So not surprisingly, sustainable thinking and acting always […]

| Posted June 30, 2020

Dialogue Forum: Towards More Food Waste Reduction Measures

More than 80 participants, including representatives from wholesale and retail, other economic sectors, science, civil society and politics, gathered in an online meeting in June 2020 to discuss food waste reduction measures and further coordinate their collaboration towards less food waste along the entire supply chain. A measurable reduction of food waste – being among […]

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Call for Applications for weiter_wirken Capacity Building Programme is Open – Apply Now!

Are you engaged in a sustainability project and currently looking for ways how to maximise your positive impact? Moreover, are you keen on exploring which insights and tools might help you to reach this goal? Our training programme, weiter_wirken – Communicating Sustainability Successfully (Nachhaltigkeit Erfolgreich Vermitteln), is designed to support professionals and volunteers from the […]