‘weiter_wirken’ Our New Programme on Fostering Sustainable Behaviour for Regional NGOs

Changing behaviours towards greater sustainability is an important, but also very complex task. It requires not only challenging existing belief systems and practices, but also coming up with creative ways to introduce and promote more sustainable ones. ‘weiter_wirken – Nachhaltigkeit Erfolgreich Vermitteln’ (Communicating Sustainability Successfully) takes the model of our Academy of Change and brings it into the context of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).

Through a series of workshops, NGO representatives who work in fostering ecological and social sustainability will be trained how to design and communicate their projects most effectively. To do so, the training program offers participants with a nuanced understanding of behaviour change science and the cognitive biases that so often stand in the way of more sustainable practises.

The focus of the programme are NRW-based NGOs that aspire to become leaders in sustainable behaviour change. Participants will be offered the comprehensive insights as well as the practical tools that are needed to design impactful projects and activities that foster sustainable behaviour. Additionally, participants will become part of a wide networking and learning space, as sustainability-oriented organisations from various areas will exchange experiences, discuss challenges and share knowledge.

Sounds interesting? Then, stay tuned – the call for applications will open in early summer 2020! Sign up for to stay informed.

weiter_wirken is a non-profit initiative of the CSCP and its cooperating partners Stiftung Umwelt und Entwicklung Nordrhein-Westfalen and ecosign/ Akademie für Gestaltung. The project runs until summer 2021.

For further questions, please contact Christian Malarciuc.