Walking Toward the Good Life – Together!

It is particularly in times like these that keeping and nourishing a sense of community is of special value. Not only because togetherness is so paramount to us as humans, but also because there are goals that we can only achieve as communities. A good and inclusive life is one of them. In spite of the difficult circumstances, our project Day of the Good Life is keeping up its work of engaging communities in Wuppertal’s Ostersbaum to shape a future that is socially and environmentally sustainable. In a series of virtual walkshops held since early 2021, citizens came together to discuss their visions for the good life and how to put them into life.

The Day of the Good Life, the all-day event in Wuppertal during which citizens reclaim the streets and design public space according to their needs and wishes, is scheduled for 20 June 2021. More than a just a day, the project is about a process aimed at engaging citizens and supporting and strengthening initiatives that promote a sustainable, climate-friendly and socially-just life in Wuppertal.

To accompany citizens in the creative process of developing their own visions for a Good Life in Wuppertal, visioning walkshops were held. The goal was not only to support citizens in developing creative ideas to redesign their neighbourhoods, but also to enable them bring those ideas to life by forming local groups. The walkshops showed how creativity and local knowledge can generate new ideas for a better life for all.

To support the newly-formed groups, neighbourhood meetings are held each week to further develop ideas not only in view of the Day of the Good Life in 2021, but for a long-term engagement. The implementation of the emerging ideas, such as murals, benches, swings, and high-beds, will be accompanied by local artists and craftspeople. To participate in any of the online neighbourhood meetings – please register here!

If you are a citizen of Wuppertal Ostersbaum and have an idea how to improve your neighbourhood, share it with us until 15 April 2021!

The Day of the Good Life is a joint project of the CSCP and its partners, the Nachbarschaftsheim Wuppertal e.V., Idealwerk and the FSI Forum für Soziale Innovation gGmbH. The project is funded by the Stiftung Umwelt und Entwicklung NRW.

For more information contact Alexandra Kessler.