Dialogue Forum: Watch 10 Video Pitches on How to Further Reduce Food Waste

Think of a nice, green head of lettuce somewhere in a field. Upon harvesting it was fresh, but after storing and transportation, chances are by the time you pass it at your local supermarket, it has dehydrated, changed color and, ultimately, deteriorated in taste. The once-upon-a-time green lettuce would then land where it shouldn’t: in the bin, along with roughly 45 % of the entire fruit and vegetable production that is wasted in the supply chain alone. There are ways to stop this: ‘dry misting’ to keep fruit and vegetable hydrated is one of them – watch 10 ideas pitched by entrepreneurs and organisations on how food waste could be tackled.

Within the framework of the Dialogue Forum for Reduction of Food Waste in Wholesale and Retail (HandelsforumRVL) and in order to initiate the exchange between actors in the whole food value chain as well as policy makers, a number of promising concepts on food waste reduction from companies, start-ups, and initiatives have been selected as inspiration for further discussions.

Watch these ten short video messages to find out more about these inspiring ideas, meet the people behind them, and find out what joint activities are proposed! If you are interested in connecting with the relevant actors related to any of the videos, please fill out the form at the end of the page and we would support you to get in touch.

In order to discuss these ideas and further effective reduction measures at the interface between retail and wholesale, a next online meeting of the dialogue forum is planned for 23 June 2020. Representatives from retail as well as civil society, policy, and other food companies will be part of the meeting. If you are interested in joining the discussion, which will be mainly carried in German, please reach out to Nora Brüggemann.

Further details about the meeting will follow soon.

The CSCP coordinates and moderates the Dialogue Forum for the Reduction of Food Waste in Wholesale and Retail (handelsforumRVL) in collaboration with the Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut and in line with the National Strategy for Reducing Food Waste. The Dialogue Forum, which started work in autumn 2019, is funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) based on a decision of the parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany via the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE) under the Federal Program for Ecological Farming and Other Forms of Sustainable Agriculture.

For further information, please contact Nora Brüggemann.