Together for a Green Recovery

The COVID-19 imposed lockdown has brought most of the European economies to a sudden halt. As governments and businesses look for ways to rebuilt, the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform, of which the CSCP is a member, stresses the ultimate need to link recovery to the European Green Deal and joins the call to act now for a sustainable and just future for all.

The economic shock has been significant: GDP has fallen, supply chains have been tested, some state systems have been over-burdened, market insecurity has increased, and more. As we step up our efforts in defining the recovery strategy, we must ensure that the end of one crisis does not mean the beginning of another.

The recovery plan is a great opportunity to rethink our society and develop a prosperity model that addresses economic, social, and environmental needs and priorities at the same time. The Coordination Group of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP), to which the CSCP is a member, takes note of the Green Recovery Call to Action, signed by numerous policy makers, businesses, representatives of associations and initiatives, and more. The Coordination Group also stresses the need for a coordinated approach that leaves no one behind.

The Call for Action underlines the importance of a green recovery strategy aimed at rebooting and boosting our economies. In order to trigger a new European economic model, which is more resilient, more protective, more sovereign, and more inclusive, all investments and recovery efforts have to built around the EU Green Deal principles.

The Call for Action highlights that ‘the transition to a climate-neutral economy, the protection of biodiversity and the transformation of agri-food systems have the potential to rapidly deliver jobs, growth and improve the way of life of all citizens worldwide, and to contribute to building more resilient societies.’

The CSCP and its ECESP partners believe that the recovery plans at the local, national, and EU level must enshrine the fight against climate change as the core of the economic strategy and turn these plans into concrete actions and investments. The group also acknowledges the huge social impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and therefore higlights the imperative need of making sure that the climate-neutral economy transition is a just and fair one.

The European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP) is deeply engaged in accelerating the transition towards climate neutrality through circular economy. In the light of the Green Recovery Call to Action, the ECESP stresses its commitment to share knwoledge, expertise, and inititatives through the platform and help shape investment decisions that lead to a sustainable economic recovery.

The Green Recovery Call to Action is signed by hundreds of policy makers, businesses, associations, initiatives and more.