Third BOOM Camp on Food Wraps Up Successfully

During our third and last BOOM career orientation camp for 2020, teenagers between 14-17 had the chance to engage with the topic of food in unique and inspiring ways: building geodomes for urban food growing, recycling food packaging, and cooking with wild herbs and plants. The camp, which was held in October at the Jugendakademie Walberberg, near Cologne, sparked new ideas about how to integrate sustainability into future career choices and lifestyles.

With the topic of food at the centre, the participants had the opportunity to explore new perspectives and embark on new experiences with the support of experts in the field.

A geodome, which the participants built, was a hands-on-approach on growing food in urban areas. Another creative way of approaching the topic of food was recycling food packaging. Cooking was also an indispensable part of the camp. In a ‘back-to-the-roots walk’, the participants got to explore the areas nearby the camp location as well as an organic farm, where they searched for edible wild herbs and residual crops. The handpicked ingredients were turned into delicious and nutrition-rich dishes.

BOOM provides insights into future social challenges and trends and supports teenagers and young adults in facing those with self-confidence, curiosity, and enthusiasm. The camps also offer the participants a platform to reflect on their personal skills and visions as well as discuss individual challenges and upcoming decisions in the realm of job orientation. For this purpose, special workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions were held during the course of the six-day camp.

The main goal of the BOOM camps is to mainstream an understanding of sustainability as a key aspect in the career choices of teenagers and young adults. Find out more about our previous BOOM camps on Living and Building and Everyday Consumption.

BOOM camps are a joint project of the CSCP and its partners Provadis GmbH and Sportjugend Hessen e.V and it is funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety.

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