Think Services

Through our collaborative model, we harness the best minds locally and globally to join forces in thinking through the sustainability challenges facing our world.

Social Innovation

Throughout history, societies have had to reinvent themselves with each new wave of challenges. How we elect to overcome these obstacles continues to change, but the impacts of those changes have far greater consequences now than in past centuries. The rapid, intense urbanisation of 7 billion and counting is creating an unprecedented impact on our planet.

Yesterday’s solutions are today’s problems. When faced with the realities of climate change and increasingly scarce resources, economic, ecological and social challenges require a paradigm shift in how we live and define our societies. The CSCP and its partners use a collaborative innovation process to tackle these pressing issues.


Sustainable Business Models

The era of bottom-line driven organisations is drawing to a close. No longer can businesses afford to ignore the social and ecological impacts of their trade. To remain competitive, companies are looking beyond the needs of their customers and shareholders. Their value propositions now encompass consideration for the social and ecological realms, providing positive impacts for people, planet, and profit.

The CSCP engages with forward thinking organisations to further develop and mainstream sustainable business models. We help you to identify which sustainable model is right for you! Download our fact sheet on the Business Opportunity Lab or contact us for more information on our Circularity Enabler.




Sustainable Product Portfolio

Companies tend to be conservative when it comes to their existing product portfolios. Why change a popular and profitable array? Yet these portfolios benefit from regular review. Beyond customer demand, the cost