Meet the CSCP at the Think 2030 Sustainability Forum on 17-18 October in Brussels

Are you interested in discussing and proposing solutions to Europe’s most pressing sustainability issues? Then join the CSCP at the Think 2030 Sustainability Forum and exchange your views with other like-minded experts.

The EU, for decades now, has advanced and brought forward the sustainable development agenda through its various policies and programmes. Through careful consideration in each passing round, EU policy makers have continuously improved and enhanced the implementation of the sustainable development agenda. To this end, European scientific and research institutions have also largely contributed with their findings, insights and recommendations. Together they make sure the EU’s environmental and sustainability policies incorporate and reflect the most innovative and cutting-edge solutions and ideas.

To discuss the work done so far by both actor groups as well as identify opportunities of further improvements, stakeholders gather at the Think 2030 Sustainability Platform and Forum. Based on various backgrounds and expertise, they will discuss leverage points for the future of EU environmental and sustainability policy making, also in relation to the successful implementation and achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Realising that the key to successful policies lies in systemic and holistic approaches, the discussion will revolve around the synergies and trade-offs between different EU policies, with special emphasis on the three sustainability pillars. Thus, discussions will be policies and related work focusing on the EU’s sustainable financial and trade affairs, circular and bio-economy, climate change and action, biodiversity, oceans as well as food and agriculture. Moreover, the role of various regional, national and local actors including policy makers, businesses, CSOs and (young) citizens will be discussed.

The events of the second day will take place at the European Parliament where the main deductions and outcomes of day one will be discussed and put into perspective by European Parliament Members in light of the 2019 European Parliamentary elections.

The CSCP will contribute to the event. Project manager Rosa Strube will be holding a session on 17 October at 12 – 1pm and share her ideas and views about the systemic changes necessary to advance the EU’s performance in the domain of sustainable consumption and lifestyles and the importance of incorporating citizens’ insights in the future EU policies and policy making processes.

If you want to learn more about the programme, other speakers and more detailed overview of the topics, please take a look at the event’s agenda.

Date and time: 17 October (9:00am – 4:30pm) and 18 October (8:00am – 12:00pm)

Location: Brussels, Belgium

To participate at the event a registration is required here.

For further information please contact Rosa Strube