Citizens and Civil Society Initiatives Celebrated the Good Life in Wuppertal

The mini-festival “Place of the Good Life”, held in August 2020 at the Platz der Republik in Wuppertal, brought together citizens and civil society actors in a creative and participatory format. The event marked the launch of a co-creation process towards the Day of the Good Life in Wuppertal, planned for 16 May 2021.

The ongoing pandemic has reminded us about the importance of our close communities and the value of well-connected neighbourhoods. After all, they provide the setting where much of our daily interaction takes place: meetings, discussions and the addressing of shared experiences and challenges.

Three hundred participants from around Wuppertal joined the event and participated in one of the thirty available activities. On big visioning walls, the participants could write and paint their ideas of the good life in Wuppertal.

A bee keeper brought some of his bees to show how honey is produced. Langerfeld blüht auf offered Wuppertal citizens an opportunity to produce seed bombs and green their neighbourhoods. Mechanics from Mirker Schrauber helped visitors to repair their bikes, whereas some learned how to drive a wheelchair with the support of a team from the Else-Lasker Schüler-Schule.

Participation in a panel on the topic of sustainable mobility was facilitated by Mobiles Wuppertal. An exhibition by Kitma and Power of Colour sparked reflections on racism in our daily life and nudged participants to think about how best to overcome it. A solar panel on the ground produced electricity during the festival and visitors could learn from the Bergische Bürgerenergiegenossenschaft how to use these small solar panels on their balconies to produce solar energy at home.

A Yoga and Zumba session added some physical activity. The event was concluded with an international public singing session with English, Turkish and German songs.

The four main topics: mobility, energy and living, nature and food, and togetherness will be the basis of the discussions that will take place in the next events. Following up on the “Place of the Good Life” event, neighbourhood meetings will involve citizens in the Ostersbaum area of Wuppertal in preparing activities for the Day of the Good Life, scheduled for 16 May 2021. In visioning workshops, the project will further collect ideas and actions for the final big event.

The Day of the Good Life is a joint project of the CSCP and its partners, the Nachbarschaftsheim Wuppertal, e.V., Idealwerk and the Forum für Soziale Innovation (FSI) gGmbH.

For further information, please contact Alexandra Kessler.