Walter Klein

Senior Advisor


+49 202 459 58 - 10

Walter contributes to the CSCP with his longstanding experience in private sector companies. He supports the implementation of sustainable product portfolio and the engagement of top management in different sectors. He joined the CSCP as Senior Advisor in July 2015.

He gained a broad experience in this field while he was working for various insurance companies, e.g. the Kölnische Lebens- und Sachversicherung, and the Deutsche Krankenversicherung AG, Cologne. As board member of an insurance group in Hamburg, he re-designed the IT landscape being responsible for the Customer-Service-Center and the initiator of the reorganization project SPRINT.

During his career he was mainly working for different banks such as  Landesbausparkasse Münster/ Düsseldorf, where he was responsible for the management of the sales staff, before changing to the position of a CIO at the DG Bank Deutsche Genossenschaftsbank, Frankfurt. At this time he was member of the IT-Advisory-board of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

As CIO of a multi-business DAX-company he was responsible for the coordination of all IT-activities all over the group and the millennium-problem all over the world.

He was member of the founding-board of E-Plus.

He has been working for a political organization as authorized representative for the Federal Management Directorate for the last two years.

Walter holds a diploma in economics from the Cologne University and a PhD in informatics.

For 10 years Walter was member of The Research Board Inc., New York, NY.

Walter is a German national.