Nikola Berger

Creative Coordinator, Senior Designer


+49 202 459 58 - 67

Nikola is the senior designer and creative coordinator at the CSCP. She has a diverse background in both design and social and environmental issues. Her combination of interdisciplinary studies and experience helps her not only to visualise the complexities of sustainable consumption and production but to develop holistic communication campaigns that target the audience on multiple levels. Her goal is to create impulses to open up for real change in thought and behaviour.

Nikola attended KISD (Köln International School of Design) prior to working as a designer in the New York media and textile industry. She returned to university for a B.Sc. in Earth System Sciences and Environmental Justice at City University New York to study the issues she cares about. She was also part of an effort to restore oysters to the New York harbour and cared for over 2000 of them for many years to study their chances of survival. She worked for the University’s Institute for Sustainable Cities where she deepened her knowledge and interest in solutions for a sustainable future and was awarded numerous scholarships for her work on social justice, political science and ecological restoration.

Nikola Berger is a German national.