Georgina Guillen-Hanson

Project Manager


+49 202 459 58 - 25

As cohort of the CSCP, Ginnie is participating in projects on sustainable lifestyles, most particularly issues related to social innovation, vision crafting and action planning as well as methodologies and tools development, implementation and testing.

Ginnie’s been developing the agendas of most of multi-stakeholder Work Studios and honing the expertise of the CSCP in action research processes. She is also very much involved in the areas of transition design, social innovations, ethnographic research, sustainable entrepreneurship and resource efficiency. Thanks to her wide international, cross-sectoral experience, Ginnie developed the tool for allocating, monitoring and evaluating the projects sponsored by the foundation she worked for in the Netherlands in 2006; created the sustainability strategy for the companies she collaborated with in Estonia and became a strategic researcher for an NY based firm while participating as editor of a prime-time aired TV show in Mexico.

Before earning her MSc. Ginnie managed the Sustainability and Social Communications department of a multinational corporation quartered in Mexico City where she developed internal campaigns towards implementation of eco- efficiencies, educational programs and a nation-wide projects aimed at promoting awareness on sustainable lifestyles.

Trying to encompass her theoretical learning with hands-on experience, Ginnie majored in Political Science and began her professional career working for AIESEC, having directive roles in Russia, Poland and Mexico – and internationally directing the communications for the Sustainability Drive Team. Ginnie holds a Master in Marketing and Business Administration and she is a graduate of the MSc. program in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability at BTH in Sweden, where she focused her research on addressing inter-sectoral sustainability challenges through Media driven initiatives.

Ginnie is known as an extremely creative person that firmly believes on the power of cross-sectoral cooperation and its ability to move societies towards a more sustainable future.

Ginnie Guillen is a German and Mexican national.