Join our Webinar: Sustainable Packaging – Between Claim and Reality on 23 June 2021

Packaging has a great impact on food loss, food waste, climate change and biodiversity, to name a few. Stakeholders in the food sector often face the challenge of ensuring that packaging keeps food fresh and safe while at the same time being environmentally friendly. Achieving the right balance between functionality and sustainability is key. Our interactive webinar “Sustainable Packaging: Between Claim and Reality” combines views from businesses and consumers on requirements, options and challenges related to sustainable food packaging.

Questions pertaining to food packaging have acquired a central spot in current discussions in society, politics and within companies. Is plastic packaging bad by default? Do sustainability enhancements in packaging result in more food waste? Will consumers notice and ultimately buy sustainably packaged products, even at higher prices?

With speakers sharing views from the business-to-business perspective as well as the consumers, this webinar aims to contribute to the discussion and bring forth new ideas.


  • Melanie Prengel, Head of Sustainability, Transgourmet Germany
  • Stephan Schaller, Senior Advisor, CSCP

Mrs. Prengel, who worked on a sustainable packaging strategy with the CSCP for the last two years, will represent a companies’ view on sustainable packaging.

Mr. Schaller, whose expertise lies in integrating consumer views into packaging, will draw on learnings from the Consumer Insight Action Panel. He will elaborate on the ultimate need to take into account consumers’ views on “behaviour in the market”.

Date: 23 June 2021
Time: 12:00-13:00
Place: Online
Language: German

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The interactive webinar is organised by the CSCP as part of the ‘Cooking Up Sustainable Solutions’ series. Food is one of the four focus topics on the occasion of the 15th Birthday of the CSCP #15CSCP.

For further information, please contact Patrick Bottermann.