The CSCP Joins the Investor Selection Committee for the Sustainable Packaging Investment Summit in London 11 July 2019

The Sustainable Packaging Investment Summit in London on 11 July 2019, connects innovators and start-ups working in sustainability with investors, consumer brands and packaging companies. Alexis Figeac, Head of the Sustainable Business and Entrepreneurship (SBE) Team at the CSCP, supports the Summit as part of the Investment selection committee.

Most of the products we use on an everyday basis use high tech packaging materials to protect and deliver the best quality in the most convenient way. After use, packaging material end up as costly waste which is detrimental to the environment.

Due to growing pressure from consumers, environmental challenges, and new regulatory constraints growing worldwide, companies now have only five years to implement sustainable packaging concepts and practices. In response to this, investments and partnerships in the sustainable packaging space are now booming. Innovation and investment in alternative to traditional plastic packaging is at an all-time high.

The inaugural Sustainable Packaging Investment Summit will bring together an entire packaging ecosystem and introduce innovative start-ups to brands that need greener packaging solutions, as well as investors who are keen on learning more about this booming market.

During the Sustainable Packaging Disruptors Showcase, 10 sustainable packaging innovators will present their innovations on the main stage in a quick fire round of five-minute presentations.

Alexis Figeac, Head of the SBE Team at the CSCP, supports the Summit as part of the Investor selection committee, that will hand-pick the front-running innovators from the showcase session. Alexis is a pioneer in the area of sustainability and finance and has been on the jury of the Green Alley award in 2017 and 2018. His extensive experience in advisory work and venture capital investing, gives him an insight into innovation, business management and envisioning the future. At the CSCP, Alexis has also been involved in the development of a sustainability packaging analyser for a major German dairy producer. This tool lets the user access and compare the relevant sustainability dimensions for different packaging concepts, including environmental impact, recyclability and circular economy aspects, renewable materials and food waste related factors. More about the Sustainable Packaging Analyser can be found here.

Event: The Sustainable Packaging Investment Summit
Date: 11 July 2019
Location: London, UK
Registration: Event Website

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