Mainstreaming Circular Economy in Europe: Learn About the R2Pi Project Results

Whether you are a newbie to the idea of circular business models or an expert – the outcomes of this project help you to get started, learn more, improve, or connect with other players in the field of circular economy or your industry. Both for businesses and policy makers, the project participants developed a toolbox and guidelines to help mainstream circular economy.

The case-studies you can explore on the project’s website not only cover a large variety of industries from construction and electronics to food and water, they also show that it’s not a matter of size: you can embrace circular economy business models (CEBM) as a global player like Rockwool or Rolls Royce, as a municipality like Venlo, or as a small and medium-sized enterprise like MUD Jeans. Fascinating stories and insights reveal the opportunities of the journey from a linear value chain to a circular one where the concept of virgin materials resulting in waste is replaced by circular sourcing and other circular economy business models, leading to an economically and ecologically sensible use of resources.

As a synthesis of the lessons learned during the project, key messages to business leaders, policy makers and everybody else engaging in this transition are:

  • Embrace complexity – find your own way and pace
  • Join-up – collaborate and integrate across sectors, strategies, partners and value chains
  • Engage customers – understand their needs
  • Level the playing field – reduce barriers, stopping subsidies for the linear model
  • Target & Measure – make your circularity progress easy to communicate
  • Invest where it matters – focus on integration, communication, specificities of your sector, harmonisation and policy innovation

From designing a CEBM to turning theory into practice (“deliver”), R2Pi shows what matters in each step, highlights good practices and successful implementation. Embark on a CEBM innovation journey supported by R2Pi Circular Economy Guidelines!

For more information please contact Raymond Slaughter.