The Tecklenburg Region 2030: Our Values, Our Vision

Beautifully illustrated by Käthe Wenzel, the report “The Tecklenburg region 2030: Our Values, Our Vision” literally paints a picture of a Tecklenburg future that, while remaining very realistic, dares to be innovative and hopeful. It is realistic as it clearly identifies demanding challenges and trends in different societal sectors until 2030; it is innovative in the way that it directly provides recommendations on how to act and moreover who can act on these challenges; and lastly, it is hopeful because it does not just stop at problem-solving but aims to truly enable communal wellbeing – knowing that a fruitful tomorrow is more than just the solution of today’s problems.

The report functions as a useful tool for building the future as envisioned by the local Tecklenburg people and provides an outlook over sustainable living in the area in 2030 as well as the regional soft skills and social innovation that will be required for that.