Join our event “Place of the Good Life”, 30 August 2020, Wuppertal

Neighbourhoods represent important forums for tackling various social and environmental challenges as they are the sites where much of the regular interaction among people takes place. Our project Day of the Good Life is exploring ways to motivate and strengthen citizens to shape their neighbourhoods sustainably together with family, friends and neighbours. Learn more about our creative and participatory approach at our event “Place for the Good Life”, 30 August 2020, Platz der Republik, Wuppertal.

The Day of the Good Life, scheduled for 20 June 2021, is an all-day event in Wuppertal during which citizens reclaim the streets and design public space according to their needs and wishes. The city streets are freed from cars and all forms of traffic on that day. More than a just a day, the project is about a process aimed at supporting and strengthening initiatives that work on promoting a sustainable, climate-friendly and socially-just life in Wuppertal. One of the goals of the project is to make such initiatives more visible and tangible in the city’s urban society.

The event “Place for the Good Life” is a pre-step towards the big event in 2021 and will mobilise the Wuppertal neighbourhoods and citizens to get into the mood for the good life. During the event, the topics of mobility, nature, nutrition, energy, living, and community will be illustrated in playful and artistic ways to motivate visitors to share their vision of the good life. The event will be held according to current COVID-19 safety measures. To ensure everyone’s safety, please bring your mask and always keep 1,5 meters distance to other visitors.

The “Place for the Good Life” will be followed by several neighbourhood meetings to further shape citizens’ ideas for contributions on the major event – the Day of the Good Life in June 2021.

  • Event: “Place of the Good Life”
  • Date: 30 August 2020
  • Time: 11.00 – 18.00
  • Place: Platz der Republik, Wuppertal

The CSCP is actively engaged to make the good life a reality for every neighbourhood and citizen in Wuppertal with its core expertise in sustainable lifestyles and collaborative engagement processes.

The Day of the Good Life is a joint project of the CSCP and its partners, the Nachbarschaftsheim Wuppertal, e.V., Idealwerk and the Forum für Soziale Innovation (FSI) gGmbH.

For further information, please contact Alexandra Kessler.

Image by Davide Brocchi ©