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| Posted September 20, 2021

Join Our Conference “Sustainable Digitalisation 2.0: Covid-19 and the EU Green Deal as Paradigm Shifts” on 14 October 2021!

We live in unique times: The ongoing pandemic has brought us to a new normal, digitalisation is in full swing and there is an urgent need for action for more sustainability in all areas of life. Companies that manage to see these challenges not as a burden but as an opportunity for innovation are able […]

| Posted September 14, 2021

Moving Towards Sustainable Food Systems Through Green Public Procurement – Join Our GOALAN Final Event on 6 October 2021!

What is the impact of green horticultural practices on local farmers and how does it affect the wider supply chain? How can green public procurement support farming communities but also speed up the transition to more sustainable food supply chains in general? These questions will be at the core of our GOALAN final project event […]

| Posted September 2, 2021

Why Food Systems Should Endorse the European Green Deal – Join us at the Bremerhaven Food Forum 22 September

Current food systems are too linear to meet the needs of the future. In food production alone, too many scarce resources are used, ecosystems are harmed, and the air is polluted. Food waste along the entire value chain is a huge problem as are conventional food packaging and unsustainable consumption practices. This should change quickly […]

| Posted September 2, 2021

Supporting Start-Ups to Lead with Purpose

It happens all too often that a lot of time is spent on deciding what products to develop or how to design them without having taken the time to ponder on the “why” first. That is, thinking through the vision before taking any action. The CSCP is supporting Wuppertal-based start-ups to identify their purpose as […]

| Posted September 2, 2021

Circular Futures: Join the First German Circular Economy Festival 7 & 8 October 2021!

The transition to the Circular Economy needs collaboration. That’s why the first German festival on circular economy is an open social innovation event, calling on all relevant actors to join hands in accelerating the transition. For a societal endeavour of this scale, stakeholders from civil society, academia, policy, industry, and more need to be actively […]

| Posted June 23, 2021

Join the Federal Action Week “Germany Saves Food” on 29 September – 6 October 2021!

The food supply chain is flawed. Around 11 million tonnes of yearly food waste in Germany indicate that from production to consumption, changes must happen in order to alter this trend. The action week Germany Saves Food, 29 September – 6 October 2021, calls on all relevant actors to contribute to reducing food waste. Based […]