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| Posted August 21, 2019

Join Us at Our Digitalisation and Sustainability – Requirements and Opportunities Event on 10 October 2019 in Wuppertal

How will climate change, digitalisation, blockchain and new work concepts affect your company? Can you implement digitalisation and sustainability in your company activities? Our event Digitalisation and Sustainability – Requirements and Opportunities will answer these questions with practical examples, interactive workshop formats along with ideas for the future of your organisation. In the one-day event, […]

| Posted August 13, 2019

Learn About the Impacts of our Competence Centre eStandards

In June, the Competence Centre eStandards completed two years of actively engaging in guiding German small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) towards sustainable digital business models. During this time, the CSCP conducted pilot projects, develop hands-on tools and provide comprehensive curricula to SMEs on creating future-proof companies through digitalisation. “Mittelstand 4.0 Kompetenzzentrum eStandards” introduces digitalisation and […]

| Posted August 8, 2019

Join Our Transitioning to Circular Economy in Textiles, Electronics, Plastics/Packaging Workshop on 1 Oct 2019 in Cologne

How to enable organisations and their value chains to innovate towards more viable, sustainable and competitive economic models? What steps do companies need to take to transition to a Circular Economy Business Models (CEBM)? Do they need to focus on the enablers and the barriers of the markets and policy making? Find answers to these […]

| Posted August 6, 2019

SCALIBUR Project Kicks-Off Their Biowaste Club in Kozani, Greece

In the European Union over 100 million tonnes of biowaste are thrown away every year. Currently, 75% of this goes to landfill or is incinerated, and this is about to change for the SCALIBUR project’s three pilot cities – Kozani, Albano Laziale and Madrid. The first city to officially kick-off their biowaste club is Kozani, […]

| Posted July 30, 2019

The CSCP Releases the Circular Economy Guidebook for Cities

Cities are growth engines in need of supervision and control. They are the major contributors to climate change and responsible for up to 76% of the carbon emissions. Even though they occupy less than 2% of the Earth surface, they account for 75% of natural resource consumption and 50% of global waste production. The Circular […]

| Posted July 23, 2019

EU Commissioner Andriukaitis Praises the Legacy of REFRESH Project on Food Waste Reduction

The European Union (EU) Health and Food Safety Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis congratulated the success of the REFRESH project as an outstanding research project with valuable results and impacts. The REFRESH project ended in June 2019 and in a video message, the Commissioner emphasised that thanks to the concrete actions and tools developed, the project results […]

| Posted July 4, 2019

Supporting the Change of Behaviours That Can Have an Impact

Nudges, social norms, digital tools and triggers for shifting to plant based diets, saving energy at home or reducing daily food waste – these are just some of the examples that participants could experience and discuss during the Day of Change, which was organised by the Academy of Change project in Brussels on 1 July […]

| Posted July 3, 2019

Join Us at the Final Inter-Sectoral Health and Environment Research for Innovation Conference, 10 December 2019 in Brussels

For our future generations to inherit a sustainable planet, it is crucial for us to protect the environment in ways that promote health and reduce inequities. The Horizon 2020 research project INHERIT (INter-sectoral Health and Environment Research for InnovaTion) promotes this by identifying ways of living, moving and consuming that protect the environment and promote […]

| Posted July 2, 2019

The Consumer Insight Action Panel on Circular Economy Is Now Open – Express Your Interest Today!

Looking for new and insightful approaches to enable change towards the circular behaviours that really matter? Today is your chance to express your interest to become a club member of the Consumer Insight Action Panel. EU policies and decision-makers have recognised the importance of understanding and integrating consumer knowledge and behavioural insights into the circular […]

| Posted June 30, 2019

Circular Cities Workshop: Discussing Effective Steps and Discovering New Business Models

For cities, the circular economy approach does not only offer completely new ways to a sustainable future and a better quality of life for their citizens, but also unimagined economic potential. In June, the CSCP held a one-day Circular Cities Workshop at the Wuppertal office, which brought together many stakeholders such as city representatives, companies, […]