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| Posted September 27, 2021

Enabling SMEs to Approach Digitalisation with Sustainability Lenses

Collaboration is key to building sustainable businesses that leverage the full power of digitalisation processes and tools. The CSCP trained representatives of the Mittelstand Digital competence centres on how to inspire and empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to collaborate for sustainable digitalisation. As part of Mittlestand Digital, 26 competence centres operate all over Germany. […]

| Posted September 27, 2021

Watch Our Competence Centre eStandards Video: Sustainable Digitalisation and the Circular Economy

The intersection between digitalisation and sustainability is the centre of many discussions. While there seems to be a consensus on the need to think of the two as complementary and intertwined, it is less clear what this means for specific actors or how it can be implemented in practice. It all becomes even more complex […]

| Posted September 27, 2021

From Take-Back Schemes to Repairability Indices: Testing Circular Economy Solutions for Electronics

What do consumers do with their electronic gadgets once they no longer use them? Store them in a drawer? How can we empower and enable consumers to bring their old gadgets back to the cycle? As part of the Consumer Insight Action Panel (CIAP), we have been working with three organisations that are on a […]

| Posted September 22, 2021

Our VALUMICS Project Wraps Up Successfully: One Step Closer to Sustainable Food Systems

As the VALUMICS project comes to its final, the project team, partners and other stakeholders, came together to share and reflect on four years of joint work. The final event held in September 2021 was an opportunity to think about how to upscale the positive impact of VALUMICS beyond the project’s life cycle. Throughout the […]

| Posted September 20, 2021

Making Sustainable Food Systems the Norm: Watch Our VALUMICS Video!

Food is an essential part of our lives. Despite improvements in the quality and variety of food available to Europeans, consumption patterns still have a negative impact on the environment, the climate, and our health. Current food consumption is responsible for at least 25% of the overall carbon footprint per capita and unfair trading practices […]

| Posted September 20, 2021

Join Our Conference “Sustainable Digitalisation 2.0: Covid-19 and the EU Green Deal as Paradigm Shifts” on 14 October 2021!

We live in unique times: The ongoing pandemic has brought us to a new normal, digitalisation is in full swing and there is an urgent need for action for more sustainability in all areas of life. Companies that manage to see these challenges not as a burden but as an opportunity for innovation are able […]

| Posted September 15, 2021

Finalising the First Round of the weiter_wirken Project: Experts Shed Light on How CSOs Can Benefit From Behavioural Know-How

What hinders people from living up to their good intentions to eat more plant-based foods, drive less or reduce waste? Questions like this are ever relevant when it comes to endorsing more sustainable lifestyles. As part of the final event of the first round of our weiter_wirken project, 50 representatives from Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) […]

| Posted September 15, 2021

14 Recommendations to Turn Intentions into Action for More Sustainable Food Consumption

Although many people declare that they want to eat healthier and more sustainably, the proportion of sustainable food consumption is still shockingly low. How can we move from attitudes and intentions to actual action? How can we bring about the necessary behavioural change for more sustainable food consumption in Europe? The VALUMICS report From Intention […]

| Posted September 14, 2021

BOOM Camps 2021: Shaping the Sustainable Future

What does it mean to live sustainably or how do sustainability goals intersect with future career choices? Over 70 teenagers and young adults engaged with these questions during our BOOM career orientation camps held in summer 2021. The participants of the food camp built a clay oven from scratch – a new asset for the […]

| Posted September 14, 2021

Moving Towards Sustainable Food Systems Through Green Public Procurement – Join Our GOALAN Final Event on 6 October 2021!

What is the impact of green horticultural practices on local farmers and how does it affect the wider supply chain? How can green public procurement support farming communities but also speed up the transition to more sustainable food supply chains in general? These questions will be at the core of our GOALAN final project event […]