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| Posted March 1, 2021

How Communicating with the Market Can Enhance Sustainable Public Procurement

For many companies, the order volumes of public tenders are very compelling; however, insufficient communication on the part of contracting authorities can make bidding seem too complicated and costly. On the other hand, public procurers often lack a comprehensive overview of sustainable offers on the market. The CSCP brought procurers and bidders from the IT […]

| Posted March 1, 2021

BOOM Holiday Camps 2021: Registration is Open!

Do you know a teenager or young adult who is wondering how his future career might look like? Our BOOM holiday camps offer the participants a unique opportunity to explore future jobs, discover their strengths as well as promote their courage to face the future with curiosity and enthusiasm. The registration for the 2021 BOOM […]

| Posted February 25, 2021

156 Food Waste Reduction Measures and Data on the Entire German Food Retail Sector

Halfway through its cooperation, the Dialogue Forum for the Reduction of Food Waste in Wholesale and Retail can build upon numerous food waste reduction measures and, for the first time, delivers data on food waste for the entire food retail sector in Germany. “The food waste community knows: only what is measured can also be […]

| Posted February 24, 2021

Open Dialogue is Key for Sustainability

A graduate of economic geography with an interest for online marketing, Felix Schumacher believes that maintaining an open and ongoing dialogue with all groups in society is the key to a sustainable life. As part of the CSCP, he looks forward to mobilising the power of multi-perspective approaches in changing things for good. Why did […]

| Posted February 17, 2021

One Step at a Time Toward the Circular Economy that Benefits All

Freshly-graduated Livia El-Khawad is the newest member of our SIPS team. She has placed a special focus on circularity and resource management during her studies and is driven by the goal of making circularity not only work, but to do so in a socially responsible way. How did you decide to join the CSCP? My […]

| Posted January 22, 2021

Listen to our Podcast: Digital Leadership for Resilient Businesses

Faced with a pandemic that challenged the conventional ways of doing business, many Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) had to reinvent themselves in order to keep up with the new dynamics. The conference on Digital Leadership gathered business representatives to discuss new leadership styles and organisational structures in SMEs, not only as a response […]

| Posted December 9, 2020

Walk Toward Your Vision: Join Our Online Visioning Walkshop for Wuppertal

Who knows better what a city needs or how to make it more liveable than its own citizens? Our project Day of the Good Life is exploring ways to motivate and empower Wuppertal citizens to take an active role in visioning and shaping their neighbourhoods. Through the concept of virtual walkshops, the project will create […]

| Posted December 9, 2020

Digital Leadership: Listen to Our Podcast with Codecentric

With remote working turned into a new normal, many organisations are concerned about its potentially adverse side-effects. Team spirit, trust levels, longterm employee satisfaction – the stakes are high. What’s more: how to ensure that digitalisation processes are carried forward in sustainable and inclusive ways? In a recent interview with the Solingen-based IT company, Codecentric […]

| Posted December 8, 2020

The Strategic Role of Circular Procurement

From goods as simple as office supplies to services as complex as energy systems – everything has to go through procurement. For the private sector, a company’s commitment to procure in sustainable and circular ways can generate added value at multiple levels: better risk management, more efficiency, long-term cooperation with suppliers, and collaborative development of […]

| Posted December 8, 2020

Watch Our Valumics Webinar “Putting Solutions in the Shopping Basket”

Around one hundred participants joined the interactive webinar which focused on food retailer approaches and interventions to support more sustainable food consumption. With a broad participation of EU policymakers, food retailers, and academics, the webinar sparked a constructive discussion about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to fostering sustainable food consumption. The webinar […]