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| Posted July 22, 2021

The CSCP Joins the Green City Accord for More Sustainability on a City Level

As centres of population but also as hubs for economic, educational, and political activity and more, cities are of major importance when it comes to enhancing efforts toward mainstreaming sustainability. The areas in which cities can have a positive impacts are manifold. From water quality to noise pollution, the European Commission initiative Green City Accord […]

| Posted July 22, 2021

The PathoCERT Project Launches Communities of Practice in Europe and South Korea

Outbreaks of waterborne diseases often occur after severe events, such as massive rain- or snowfalls. They can affect communities within a short time-span but may leave behind long-lasting harmful effects. Therefore, a central question is: how can we enhance the responsive capacities of first responders and strengthen the resilience of local communities during waterborne pathogen […]

| Posted July 21, 2021

How Behavioural Insights Can Support the Shift Toward More Sustainable and Healthier Food Consumption Patterns

What ends up on our dining table has a direct impact on the environment. Growing concerns related to the consumption of high-footprint food urge for more action in promoting healthier and more sustainable consumption patterns. A better understanding of consumer behaviours and choices is pivotal for the success and effectiveness of policies, business innovations, and other […]

| Posted July 15, 2021

How to Move from Thinking to Acting for More Sustainability? Join Our weiter_wirken Final Event on 1 September 2021!

How to close the intention-action gap, or in other words, move from thinking to acting for more sustainability? This was the leading question behind the work of the project “weiter_wirken”, a training and networking programme that the CSCP carried out in collaboration with the Stiftung Umwelt und Entwicklung Nordrhein-Westfalen and ecosign / Akademie für Gestaltung […]

| Posted July 14, 2021

Creating Synergies Toward Fair, Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems

As a central part of the EU Green Deal, the Farm to Fork Strategy aims at making food systems fair, healthy, and environmentally-friendly. However, this goal can only be achieved if all actors between the farm and the fork come together and work in aligned ways. The new Code of Conduct for Responsible Business and […]

| Posted July 12, 2021

How Green Public Procurement Could Boost Sustainable Horticulture in Kenya

With the rapid growth of the horticulture industry around the Lake Naivasha Basin, Kenya, the basin has become increasingly important as an economic hub for the country. Using the recommendations of this GOALAN project policy brief, public authorities and institutions have the opportunity to engage in green public procurement by procuring fresh fruit and vegetables, […]

| Posted June 30, 2021

Food Consumption Behaviours in Europe – Drivers and Trends

Why do European consumers buy food the way they do? Which key factors drive Europeans’ food consumption patterns and how could they be used to create pathways toward sustainability? The VALUMICS project’s evidence-based report provides insights to what influences consumers the most in their food choices. The report ‘Food consumption behaviours in Europe’ brings together […]

| Posted June 29, 2021

Behaviour Change in the Digital Age

As part of our 15th year, we are deep diving into four key topics, including digitalisation, to explore how we can enable positive impact right now towards more sustainability and a good life for all. We were curious how our sustainable lifestyle (SL) team works on digitalisation at the intersection of behaviour change towards more […]

| Posted June 23, 2021

Small Nudges for Large Sustainability Impacts

The mission is clear: nudging for more sustainable lifestyles! In a recent collaboration, the CSCP has supported the Intercultural Business Psychology course at Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences to develop nudges that lead to more sustainability. The results will be presented during the virtual Nudge Night 2021 on 1 July 2021 – join us! Visual […]

| Posted June 23, 2021

Join the Federal Action Week “Germany Saves Food” on 29 September – 6 October 2021!

The food supply chain is flawed. Around 11 million tonnes of yearly food waste in Germany indicate that from production to consumption, changes must happen in order to alter this trend. The action week Germany Saves Food, 29 September – 6 October 2021, calls on all relevant actors to contribute to reducing food waste. Based […]