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| Posted August 7, 2017

What Are Energy Solutions to Heat Water for Domestic Needs?

We all love a hot shower during the winter. In cold climates, hot water is a necessity in every household. Heating water for household needs does not only account for high energy consumption but also causes significant amounts of CO2 emissions. Energy efficiency techniques and technologies can help save energy sources consumed to heat water […]

| Posted July 24, 2017

Meet us at the 13th Asia Pacific Roundtable For Sustainable Consumption And Production On 24 – 26 October 2017

Under the headline “Enabling Sustainable Consumption & Production Towards Achieving Green Growth” the CSCP will join the conversation on Technology and Innovation, Green Financing, Low Carbon Communities in Melaka, Malaysia 24 – 26 October 2017. Michael Kuhndt, executive director of the CSCP, will be the keynote speaker on how civil society organisations can contribute to a […]

| Posted July 5, 2017

The CSCP Supports Mauritian Retailers and Hotels in Switching to Sustainable Practices

To many Europeans, Mauritius is known as a holiday dream destination. Adrift in the Indian Ocean 1,250 miles east from Africa, golden beaches, shallow waters, exotic fruits, and a multicultural soul await discovery by its visitors. But the country currently struggles to achieve a sustainable production of fresh fruits and vegetables. Following sugar cane which […]

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The Circular Economy in Developing Asia and Beyond

While the circular economy is gaining momentum in the developed world, it is just starting to make its way into developing countries in Asia and beyond. Building on local cultures and traditions that value principles of recycling and reuse, developing innovative solutions, and adapting to local specificities, the circular economy unfolds at varying paces but […]

| Posted July 4, 2017

Circular Food through Innovation and Collaboration

Each dollar invested in reducing food waste saves 14 dollars, reported Champions 12.3, illustrating why minimising food waste across the supply chain is a sound financial investment. Moreover, contributing to solving this problem is increasingly considered a social and corporate responsibility. Innovations, as well as collaborations, are critical to supporting value chain actors in contributing […]

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REWE’s PRO PLANET Council and Label Drives Sustainability in the Mass Market Forward

Over 50 sessions, relevant stakeholders from business, academia, and society have continuously discussed ways to improve the value chains of food products in the mass market under the umbrella of the PRO PLANET sustainability council, making it the pace-setting initiative for improving sustainability in the German food sector. To find out more about how well […]

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Investing in a Good Life in Wuppertal: CSCP in Cooperation with the Stadtsparkasse Wuppertal

Digitalisation and continuously low interest rates are already changing Banks’ business models. Meanwhile, sustainability is moving up people’s agenda. So how can a leading regional bank systematically strengthen its role as a driver of positive impact while continuing to improve its competitiveness? At a time when organisations are focused on reducing costs, streamlining processes and […]

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Green Alley Awards 2017 is Looking for Great Green Ideas to Turn Waste into a Resource

Application deadline is July 25th! Green Alley is looking to award great ideas, new services, products, and technologies that can turn waste into resources. In return, they will offer strategic support, networking opportunities, and expertise in entering the circular economy across Europe. The Green Alley Award 2017 is Europe’s first start-up competition focused on the circular economy, and […]

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CSR Hub NRW is Collaborating with Regional Start-Ups to Transform the Value Chain

This August 1st in Cologne, the CSR Hub NRW will deliver a workshop on sustainable value chains, hosted at the premises of the successful start-up FOND OF BAGS. Together with other start-ups from the region, we will discuss how to future-proof supply and value chains according to the demands of the future. For over a […]

| Posted June 30, 2017

Long Lasting and Easy to Repair Products are Key to the Circular Economy

The evolution of the circular economy vision arose as a solution to growing mountains of waste. Because of this, current business models and tools have focused on waste reduction and source materials. But with current production and consumption patterns using the earth’s annual resources within the first seven months of the year, we need to […]