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| Posted December 12, 2017

Call for Collaboration – Systemic and Innovative Thinkers for Sustainable Digitalisation

Information and communication technology has become indispensable in our daily lives. Making connectivity pervasive, it has fundamentally changed our interaction with each other and with the world, and will continue to do so at an accelerated speed. Whether it is the internet of things, artificial intelligence or virtual realities, these developments will change the way […]

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Enabling Sustainable Consumption and Production Towards Achieving Green Growth

At the 13th Asia Pacific Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production (APRSCP) in Melaka, Malaysia, key challenges and possible solutions to advancing sustainable development in Asian countries were identified. The Roundtable was held on 24 – 26 October 2017 and entitled “Enabling SCP towards Achieving Green Growth”. The CSCP and its SWITCH-Asia Network Facility contributed […]

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How Can Banana Value Chains Become More Sustainable?

The CSCP joined the 3rd global conference of the World Banana Forum (WBF) with more than 300 participants on 8-9 Nov 2017 in its role as the ABNB’s network coordinator. The WBF conference is the biggest gathering of international experts in the banana sector, bringing together actors from every part of the global value chain. […]

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Biodegradable Circular Economy Innovation Wins Green Alley Award 2017

Which great Circular Economy innovations had an impact at the Green Alley Awards 2017? The CSCP is the coordinator of r2Pi, a major EU project on business models for the circular economy. The project sponsored this year’s Green Alley Award, which recognises highly promising circular economy innovations. The 2017 edition received some 250 applications from […]

| Posted December 8, 2017

“Listening to Sharing Economy Initiatives” Now Available in Portuguese

Interested in the Sharing Economy, its business models, challenges and successes? All the findings of “Listening to Sharing Economy Initiatives” have now also been published in Portuguese! The Akatu Institute for Conscious Consumption, one of the project partners, has translated the report and makes the findings available to a wider audience. The report details the […]

| Posted December 6, 2017

Success Stories of Sustainable Business Featuring CSR Hub NRW

Since its first workshop event in March in 2016 the CSR Hub NRW has helped over 70 startups to discover their potential for sustainable business. CSR Hub NRW addresses social, ecological and financial issues startups face and demonstrates how socio-ecological thinking is a critical success factor for startups and growing businesses around the globe. One […]

| Posted November 23, 2017

The CSCP: National Focal Point of Procura+ Network for Germany

The CSCP and ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability join forces to advance sustainable and innovation procurement in German regions and cities as strategic partners to Procura+ Network. As a national focal point we want to bring the Procura+ Network’s activities closer to German cities and procurement departments. Procura+ is a network of European public authorities […]

| Posted November 20, 2017

Academy of Change is launched – Are you Ready for Change?

In the transition towards a low carbon society, understanding how humans actually think and decide is critical: it is the key to accelerate change towards the sustainable behaviours and lifestyles that really matter. We are happy to announce the launch of the Academy of Change: a new behaviour change programme designed for NGOs working on […]

| Posted November 14, 2017

Join Our CSR Hub NRW For Two Upcoming Events On Sustainable Business Models and Innovation

27 November the CSR Hub NRW is being featured at Impact Evening #6 at Impact Hub Ruhr in Essen. CSCP’s Patrick Bottermann will deliver a workshop on „Business Model Sustainability“ for entrepreneurs in the Ruhr Region. The Impact evening starts at 6 pm, please register for free here. The event is in German. 1 December […]

| Posted November 7, 2017

Mainstreaming Low-Carbon Lifestyles in The Digital Age – CSCP Discusses What It Takes at The Web Summit in Lisbon

60-80% of the climate change impacts come from household consumption*, of which 20% are direct results of consumer behaviour (e.g. driving cars and heating homes), and 80% are secondary embedded impacts from producing the products or services. How can consumers contribute to climate change mitigation, and what are the key enabling conditions to be fostered […]