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| Posted July 4, 2019

Supporting the Change of Behaviours That Can Have an Impact

Nudges, social norms, digital tools and triggers for shifting to plant based diets, saving energy at home or reducing daily food waste – these are just some of the examples that participants could experience and discuss during the Day of Change, which was organised by the Academy of Change project in Brussels on 1 July […]

| Posted July 3, 2019

Join Us at the Final Inter-Sectoral Health and Environment Research for Innovation Conference, 10 December 2019 in Brussels

For our future generations to inherit a sustainable planet, it is crucial for us to protect the environment in ways that promote health and reduce inequities. The Horizon 2020 research project INHERIT (INter-sectoral Health and Environment Research for InnovaTion) promotes this by identifying ways of living, moving and consuming that protect the environment and promote […]

| Posted July 2, 2019

The Consumer Insight Action Panel on Circular Economy Is Now Open – Express Your Interest Today!

Looking for new and insightful approaches to enable change towards the circular behaviours that really matter? Today is your chance to express your interest to become a club member of the Consumer Insight Action Panel. EU policies and decision-makers have recognised the importance of understanding and integrating consumer knowledge and behavioural insights into the circular […]

| Posted June 30, 2019

Circular Cities Workshop: Discussing Effective Steps and Discovering New Business Models

For cities, the circular economy approach does not only offer completely new ways to a sustainable future and a better quality of life for their citizens, but also unimagined economic potential. In June, the CSCP held a one-day Circular Cities Workshop at the Wuppertal office, which brought together many stakeholders such as city representatives, companies, […]

| Posted June 28, 2019

Circular Economy Entrepreneurs Conference in Switzerland

“Do you need light bulbs or light?” This quote by Robert Metzke, Philips AG was one of the central questions regarding the circular economy at the Circular Economy Entrepreneurs Conference in Langenthal, Switzerland. Organised by the Swiss Economic Forum, The CSCP played an active role in this conference and led a deep dive session on […]

| Posted June 27, 2019

Behaviour Change Approaches to Be Applied in SCALIBUR Project Pilots

European households produce between 118 and 138 million tonnes of biowaste every year. Biowaste is a valuable resource and can be transformed into green energy, organic fertilizer, feed, biopesticides, bioplastics and many other bio-based products. However, the biowaste management process from collection to treatment and disposal must be optimised to reduce greenhouse gases emissions. Improving biowaste […]

| Posted June 26, 2019

The CSCP and Sitra Set Up the Consumer Insight Action Panel at the World Circular Economy Forum

The 3rd World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) took place in June 2019 in Helsinki and brought together about 2200 key circular economy thinkers from across the globe. Hosted by Sitra, this year’s forum laid a strong emphasis on the next era of the circular economy and scaling up the transition. European Union (EU) policies and […]

| Posted June 25, 2019

How Can Sustainability Labels Work More Effectively?

Even though the interest in sustainability is on the rise, most labels – represeting environmental and social standards – and their underlying criteria are widely unknown. The CSCP partnered with Verbraucher Initiative and Wuppertal Institute to support the German government in raising awareness for their meta label platform Siegelklarheit. A label for the labels? Labels […]

| Posted June 24, 2019

Boom Project Participates in youcoN 2019

“How would we live in 2030? What would we wear? What would we eat? How would we move from one place to another? Where does energy come from?” These questions guided the participants of youcoN 2019 through their vision of 2030. Last month the CSCP joined the youcoN with a few BOOM tools in their […]

| Posted June 23, 2019

The SUS-ISLAND Project Held a Pro-Handprint Innovation Workshop in Mauritius

How can tourism businesses deliver a higher value to customers at a lower footprint?  What does sustainable innovation mean to tourism businesses? How can the tourism industry have a positive impact on the environment and local citizens? The SUS-ISLAND project  explored and showcased the answers to these questions in their workshop with Mautourco. Led by the […]