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| Posted December 9, 2020

Walk Toward Your Vision: Join Our Online Visioning Walkshops for Wuppertal

Who knows better what a city needs or how to make it more liveable than its own citizens? Our project Day of the Good Life is exploring ways to motivate and empower Wuppertal citizens to take an active role in visioning and shaping their neighbourhoods. Through the concept of virtual walkshops, the project will create […]

| Posted December 9, 2020

Digital Leadership: Listen to Our Podcast with Codecentric

With remote working turned into a new normal, many organisations are concerned about its potentially adverse side-effects. Team spirit, trust levels, longterm employee satisfaction – the stakes are high. What’s more: how to ensure that digitalisation processes are carried forward in sustainable and inclusive ways? In a recent interview with the Solingen-based IT company, Codecentric […]

| Posted December 8, 2020

The Strategic Role of Circular Procurement

From goods as simple as office supplies to services as complex as energy systems – everything has to go through procurement. For the private sector, a company’s commitment to procure in sustainable and circular ways can generate added value at multiple levels: better risk management, more efficiency, long-term cooperation with suppliers, and collaborative development of […]

| Posted December 8, 2020

Watch Our Valumics Webinar “Putting Solutions in the Shopping Basket”

Around one hundred participants joined the interactive webinar which focused on food retailer approaches and interventions to support more sustainable food consumption. With a broad participation of EU policymakers, food retailers, and academics, the webinar sparked a constructive discussion about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to fostering sustainable food consumption. The webinar […]

| Posted December 3, 2020

Call for Innovation: Let’s Crowdsource Solutions that Foster Circular Behaviours!

How can we improve take-back schemes in order to motivate consumers to return their old electronics to the right collection points? How can behaviour change interventions support consumers in exercising their right to repair? What are the best ways to enable consumers in choosing repairable electronics? Are you aware of ideas or innovative solutions in […]

| Posted December 3, 2020

Capacity Building Programme “weiter_wirken” Started: Communicating Sustainability Successfully

Changing behaviours of people toward acting and consuming more sustainability is complex — a major challenge being the intention-action gap — we intent to be sustainable but our actions don’t reflect that. Tackling this requires generating solutions that make it easier to change habits in long-lasting ways. Our training programme weiter_wirken aims to support non-governmental […]

| Posted December 1, 2020

Consumer Behaviour in the Circular Economy

The transition from a linear to a circular economy is one of the most important imperatives of our time, a transition that requires a fundamental change in the way we produce and consume. A circular approach to production and consumption reduces emissions and pollution, increases competitiveness, and boosts innovation – in short, it makes our […]

| Posted November 24, 2020

Circular Economy at a City Level

Imagine a city that promotes the transition from a linear to a circular economy in an integrated and inclusive way by collaborating with municipalities, utility companies, citizens, businesses, and the research community to develop and test business models that decouple resource use from economic growth. A city that maintains the value and utility of products, […]

| Posted November 17, 2020

Join Our Online Conference “Digital Leadership” on 8 December 2020

In times when working remotely has become the new normal, many organisations, including Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), are facing numerous challenges: how to build trust in remote teams, maintain a feeling of togetherness, and ensure long-term employee satisfaction? will address these questions with a group of experts during the online conference “Digital Leadership […]

| Posted November 17, 2020

How Vaude Innovates with ‘Product-As-a-Service Business Models’

How many times a year does one use a drilling machine, a backpack or a tent, if at all? Most likely, just a couple of times. Despite that, consumers spend a lot of money on products that, after sporadic use, are stored for most part of the year. The story of Vaude is an example […]