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| Posted May 13, 2020

Dialogue Forum: Watch 10 Video Pitches on How to Further Reduce Food Waste

Think of a nice, green head of lettuce somewhere in a field. Upon harvesting it was fresh, but after storing and transportation, chances are by the time you pass it at your local supermarket, it has dehydrated, changed color and, ultimately, deteriorated in taste. The once-upon-a-time green lettuce would then land where it shouldn’t: in […]

| Posted May 4, 2020

Bio-based Material of the Year 2020

The innovation award “Bio-based Material of the Year” will be granted to the bio-based chemicals and materials industry to honour the most distinctive new materials and products in the field. This year, six contenders out of seventeen applications have made it to the short-list. The three winners will be selected by the participants of the […]

| Posted April 29, 2020

Watch our Webinar: Circular Economy on the City Level

Over 100 participants joined the webinar which sparked interesting discussions about smart and efficient ways of leveraging the potential of cities and municipal utilities in the transition towards more circularity. The panel of experts also called for building new alliances and networks to support this transformation. Watch the 90 minute Circular Economy on the City […]

| Posted April 8, 2020

The Sustainable Chemicals Management Project Has Launched

How could a more sustainable management of chemicals look like at an international level? What type of framework needs to be developed to support companies and governments to achieve this goal? Moreover, what indicators and milestones should be in place in order to monitor the process in easy and effective ways? The newly launched project, […]

| Posted April 8, 2020

INHERIT Project Results: Solutions Towards the ‘Triple-Win’ – Restore the Environment, Promote Health and Health Equity

For future generations to inherit a sustainable planet, it is crucial that we protect the environment in ways that promote health and reduce inequities for people. The Horizon 2020 research project INHERIT (INter-sectoral Health and Environment Research for InnovaTion) has designed intersectoral initiatives to achieve a triple-win. The CSCP contributed to the 4-year research project […]

| Posted April 8, 2020

AoC Catalyst: Accelerating the Integration of Behavior Change Know-How in the Work of NGOs

The Catalyst is a special programme offered by the Academy of Change (AoC), aimed at supporting non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to undertake organisational change by providing tailor-made tools and supporting them in turning sustainable behaviour change knowledge into an asset for their daily work. The Catalyst aims to reach this goal through the following: Provide NGOs […]

| Posted April 7, 2020

PERETO: Supporting Sustainable Tourism in Kyrgyzstan

Tourism is a key driver for the Kyrgyz economy and a national priority sector. However, hotels, restaurants and cafes (HoReCa), as main growth generators are faced with numerous serious challenges, including unreliable energy and water supply. Regular power blackouts outside major cities disrupt business operations and incur additional costs to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) […]

| Posted April 7, 2020

Meet Flandra Syla-Beqiri, the New CSCP Communication Expert

Flandra, a former journalist and academic researcher, will support the communication team in telling relevant sustainability stories in ways that generate great impact. Why did you apply to work for the CSCP? Communication, and the complex journey a simple message undergoes, has always fascinated me. It is inherent, probably, for a communications professional to think […]

| Posted April 2, 2020 – Sustainably Competitive Kicks-Off on 2 July 2020

How can Small and Medium-Sized enterprises (SMEs) strengthen their resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic and exercise responsible leadership after the crisis? What leverages can digitalisation offer with respect to this? Moreover, how can SMEs successfully adapt sustainability as part of their digital responsibility strategy? The first-ever Centre for Digital Responsibility in North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW), which […]

| Posted April 1, 2020

Rethinking Packaging From the Consumer’s Perspective

Despite growing consensus about scaling-up sustainable food packaging and promoting un-packaged food, consumer perspectives on these topics often remain on the sidelines. For example, how do contextual circumstances influence consumers’ attitudes about unpackaged food? What if consumers are guided by conventional packaging norms and prefer laminated paper over highly recyclable monoplastic packaging? What happens if […]