Meet Flandra Syla-Beqiri, the New CSCP Communication Expert

Flandra, a former journalist and academic researcher, will support the communication team in telling relevant sustainability stories in ways that generate great impact.

  1. Why did you apply to work for the CSCP?

Communication, and the complex journey a simple message undergoes, has always fascinated me. It is inherent, probably, for a communications professional to think of communication as essential in just about any topic field. However, when it comes to sustainability, I truly believe that a successful and systemic shift towards more sustainability is largely a matter of how sustainability is made sense of. That is, how complex and intertwined topics are translated into tangible and relatable concepts to the respective audiences. Working at the CSCP represents a great opportunity to help shape these messages, and thus move the sustainability agenda forward. The CSCP is a unique think and do tank, with an incredible project portfolio and a very creative and forward-thinking way of doing this. The emphasis on interdisciplinarity and collaboration is an added value that enables us to turn challenges into opportunities.

  1. What would you highlight from your past experience and how does that relate to the CSCP?

I am currently finalising my doctoral studies in the field of political communication, with a focus on critical discourse analysis. The research for my thesis has opened up new ways of thinking for me, of which foremost, the need to always question the ‘taken for granted’. Many of the unsustainable practices rely heavily on concepts, beliefs and values that we have been socialised with for many years, and which we therefore take for granted. I look forward to employ my experience to help communicate in ways that nudge the recipients to think differently and challenge their own belief systems. In addition to that, I have many years of experience in radio journalism, having previously worked for the Kosovo public broadcaster. One take-away from that experience that I truly cherish is the emphasis on knowing your audience. At the CSCP, understanding the businesses, policy makers and partner organisations that we work with is very important because we would not be the collaborating centre that we are if we didn’t bring them all together to make change happen.

  1. Your impressions on the CSCP so far?

On top of its unique interdisciplinary profile, the CSCP also strikes the right balance between the think and do services that it offers. However, what I find particularly inspiring in the case of the CSCP is the way it engages with topics: using a thorough understanding of the problem at hand as a springboard, the real focus here is on finding creative, impactful and efficient solutions in a very collaborative way. In addition, the CSCP genuinely lives up to the ‘social responsibility’ hallmark of sustainability – its family friendliness for example is unmatched. Finally, a great advantage of working at the CSCP is being part of a thriving environment and working with smart people who invest a lot of passion in what they do.

For further questions, please get in direct contact with Flandra Syla-Beqiri