Meet Christian Malarciuc, New Project Manager in the Sustainable Lifestyles (SL) Team

Christian, a former market researcher, will support the CSCP in projects focusing on behaviour change and will work closely with NGOs and businesses in fostering more sustainable lifestyle practices.

Why did you want to work for the CSCP?

As someone who has always been interested in both the theoretical as well as practical underpinnings of sustainability issues, I was very much drawn to the CSCP’s position as a Think and Do tank. Beyond this, what really appealed to me was the internationality of the team and diversity of projects as I studied in different countries and enjoy delving into different topic areas. Also, I very much share the CSCP’s approach to collaboration and focus on facilitating communication among different stakeholders. Because that is exactly what we need more of today in my opinion.

What drew you to work in sustainability?

I have always been driven by a curiosity to understand why things are the way they are. My bachelor’s degree in Arts & Culture helped me to see the interdisciplinary nature of things and how the interplay between different factors gives rise to the kind of society we live in. Sustainability issues, and our discussions about them, present a fascinating gateway into precisely these systemic dynamics as they force us to (re)consider the kind of values we uphold and aspire to as a society, thereby putting into question traditional practices and structures. It is this potential for systemic change that has always intrigued me about ‘sustainability’ as a subject, leading me to do a master’s degree in Environmental Governance.

What would you highlight from your past experience and how does that relate to the CSCP?

I think I was lucky enough to study programs that shared the CSCP’s focus on interdisciplinarity and building connections between different areas and stakeholders in society. It is a mindset which I share and which provides a great foundation for the kind of work we do here. In terms of practical experience, I used to work in b2b market research which helped me gain an understanding of the needs and challenges that private companies face as well as provided me with great knowledge about research methods. Since part of our work within the Sustainable Lifestyles (SL) team focuses on helping businesses and organisations foster more sustainable lifestyle practices, I look to contribute my knowledge towards smart behaviour change interventions that really make an impact.

What are the topics/projects that you are most excited about in your new job?

The main project that I am working on is called weiter_wirken and it is based on the model of our Academy of Change (AOC). The project is about capacity building and aims to support NGOs and initiatives from the NRW region to increase the impact of their projects that focus on fostering sustainable lifestyles. Behaviour change insights constitute a highly complex and just as important area, which many NGOs do not yet incorporate into the design of their projects and campaigns. With weiter_wirken, as with the Academy of Change, we want to fill in this knowledge gap and support organisations in designing more impactful behavior change projects and activities.

For further questions, please contact Christian Malarciuc.