I Am Here to Support Organisations in Adapting Sustainable Digitalisation

Anna, a former project manager in an innovation lab as well as in the fashion industry, will support the team mainly in the area of sustainable digitalisation, with a focus on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs). Driven by her passion to combine the digitalisation agenda with sustainability goals, Anna looks forward to generating positive change for society and business alike.

Why did you apply to work for the CSCP?

Sustainability has always been of high relevance for me personally, which is why at a certain point I also realised that I wanted to make it a focus of my professional work, too. In this context, applying to work for the CSCP was a great opportunity to start this journey. In my current position, I find it especially important that sustainability is strongly interlinked to digitalisation, which ideally should be self-evident in the future in order to make sure that we leverage digitalisation to achieve more sustainability while making digitalisation more sustainable itself. In addition, I am also looking forward to our projects that focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), so that we can jointly create solutions that benefit companies and society alike. Lastly, I am appreciative of the CSCP’s international team, with diverse background and skill sets, which allows us to tackle sustainability from different perspectives.

What would you highlight from your past experience and how does that relate to the CSCP?

Previously, I have worked with and for several SMEs in different industries. This experience is especially helpful for my work in the project, where SMEs are the main focus. I have been lucky to always have worked in innovative environments, experiencing different teams, but also various software solutions and project management approaches. I intend to bring all this experience in and build on it further. Moreover, sustainability is deeply embedded in my private life too, with topics such as food waste and improving mobility being the main focus of my engagement. This adds a lot of passion into the work that I do at the CSCP

Your impressions on the CSCP so far?

I am very impressed by the way work is conducted at the CSCP and how collaboration is steadily kept in mind at all instances. As I joined during the peak of the Corona lockdown, I was also surprised with how good the CSCP is at working remotely and finding creative and engaging ways to do that. This is not only very sustainable, but also in line with current trends such as New Work and the aim to achieve more while retaining a better work-life balance

What are the topics/projects that you are most excited about in your new job?

I am very keen on thinking of digitalisation and sustainability together and also analysing promising new business models that emerge from thinking of these two aspects in interlinked ways. I am also very curious about exploring the New Work concept and I look forward to have a positive impact on that.

For further questions, please get in contact with Anna Hilger.