Enabling Organisations to Reshape Their Business Model 

With a background in consultancy in the field of strategy and organisational development, Jannik will work closely with businesses aiming to reshape business models in support of more sustainability.

What drew you to work in sustainability?

I was brought up with a high sensitivity towards sustainable behaviour. So not surprisingly, sustainable thinking and acting always took a significant part in my private life. Over the last years, I developed the wish to take this mindset, commitment, and passion into the professional level. Being part of the CSCP, I aim to widen my personal grasp of levers and initiatives towards more sustainability at all levels of life. As I believe sustainability to be one of the most pressing challenges of our times, and one that requires a lot more effort by society and each of its members, it feels like the right topic to invest my time.

Why did you apply to work for the CSCP?

As a Wuppertal native, being born and raised in the city, I have always kept an eye out for interesting, forward-thinking Wuppertal-based organisations. This is how the CSCP came to my attention. From the first homepage visit I felt drawn to its concept of delivering hands-on sustainable solutions through international and interdisciplinary collaboration. With its truly international team, the diverse backgrounds and interests of its members, and the broad fields of action covering a whole range of sustainability topics, the CSCP fascinated me. So, I decided to follow my intuition and join the team, wishing to build more in-depth expertise in sustainability topics and contribute my own experiences and skills to a good cause.

What would you highlight from your past experience and how does that relate to the CSCP?

As a consultant, I worked on a broad range of topics, functions and industries for several years. This experience provided me with a good understanding of the complex influence and decision-making procedures in both large and medium-sized companies. I look forward at using these insights and experiences in changing existing mindsets and structures in private enterprises. Also, the general skills acquired during this time, like reducing complexity, developing suitable solutions and delivering those in a comprehensive and appealing manner, could be an added value to the CSCP’s excellence in project management. Apart from that, I collected some experience as an international volunteer, working in practical ecology in Ecuador and with young artists and activists in Nairobi, Kenya. As these placements were self-organised and somewhat off the beaten tracks of development work, I gained some interesting insights and perspectives which I’ll be happy to share, discuss and build upon with the new colleagues and partners of the CSCP.

For further question, please get in contact with Jannik Giesen.