Watch our #ITBdigital Webinar: Sustainable Tourism as an Opportunity for Destinations

What does sustainable innovation mean to the tourism business? How can the tourism industry and their supporting businesses make their existing and new products more sustainable as well as attractive to the mass market? Can tourism become a force for doing good? The SUS-ISLAND project tackled all these questions. Watch our ITBdigital webinar to learn more from our project team about the opportunities of sustainable tourism for businesses, communities, the ecosystem, and tourists.

Mauritius has committed to acquiring the ‘Green Destination Status’ by 2030, and the government has put a Tourism Development Plan in place to support this goal. The CSCP and the Mauritius Tourism Authority (MTA) have jointly developed SUS-ISLAND, a project funded by the European Commission under the Switch Africa Green Programme. The project concentrates in the promotion of sustainable tourism in Mauritius by demonstrating and scaling up self-sustaining mechanisms for improving sustainability impacts along value chains.

Alexis Figeac, CSCP SUS-Island Project Director stated: “We’re pioneering in the Pro-Handprint method by greening the supply-chain of the tour operators; that is to say we work together with the tour operators to make them understand what the pro-handprint is and help them identify tourism activities such as visits to artisans, natural habitats and other traditions and communities, that strengthen those communities and biodiversity while at the same time creating an authentic and unique tourism experience. We hope handprint can become one of the pillars of sustainable tourism.”

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