Creating Positive Business Impacts on Sustainability – Join Us for Our Workshop on 7 December and Find Out How!

Today, good sustainability performance is commonly associated with having a small footprint. This means a reduction of negative sustainability impacts, such as CO2 emissions, waste of natural resources, poor working conditions, etc. We say: Assessing our footprint is key but there is more to explore!

What about the positive impacts we are having on people and the planet? Positive impacts – or in other words handprint – can be generated throughout your whole company. How you can use the handprint analysis will be the central question in this workshop. A brief introduction to the handprint can be found here.

To give you some examples:

  • Strategy managers and decision makers Positive thinking of sustainability as a component for the corporate strategy instead of telling the story of diminution and restriction. Or in other words making sustainability the centre of all corporate decisions.
  • Strategy managers, Marketing and decision makers Creation of new values to attract new customers and investors as part of your communication and stakeholder engagement strategy
  • Product Developers, Marketing, Business Development and Procurers New opportunities and points of reference through creation of product features reflecting positive sustainability effects, throughout the value chain, or activities on the corporate level; for example, using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a point of reference in procurement or product development
  • Sustainability Managers, Finance and Controllers Opportunities through integrated approaches based on joint life cycle thinking (and untapping long-term cost saving potentials) instead of standardised foot print reporting and following “silo mentality”
  • HR Managers and Strategy Strengthening of employer branding and motivation of employees through participated impact creation instead of “only” increasing wages to retain staff

We will work out with you:

  • How to identify positive impacts (handprint) of your business and how to capitalise on?
  • What are new positive impacts your company or even yourself could create in the company as an additional value?

Join us!

Date and time: 07 December, 10:00am – 4pm

Location: Collaborating Centre of Sustainable Consumption and Production, Hagenauer Straße 30, 42107 Wuppertal

The interactive and collaborative workshop is limited to 20 participants. Please register by 21 November latest by sending an email to An agenda will be provided on our website soon. Workshop language will be English.

An organisational fee of 29 Euros will be charged subsequent to the workshop. Lunch is included.

For further information please contact Janpeter Beckmann.