The CSCP Joins the Green City Accord for More Sustainability on a City Level

As centres of population but also as hubs for economic, educational, and political activity and more, cities are of major importance when it comes to enhancing efforts toward mainstreaming sustainability. The areas in which cities can have a positive impacts are manifold. From water quality to noise pollution, the European Commission initiative Green City Accord aims to work with cities in making them greener, cleaner, and healthier. The CSCP has joined the Green City Accord as a supporting partner.

Residents and city users wish for cleaner, greener and, overall, more liveable cities. City administrations and other relevant stakeholders are faced with increasing demands to lead and implement positive change. The Green City Accord, launched in October 2020, is an EU-initiated movement of city mayors committed to improve the quality of life of all citizens and speed up the implementation of relevant EU environmental legislation.

Signatories of the Accord will focus on five key areas: air, water, noise, nature & biodiversity, circular economy & waste, and commit to implementing policies and programmes as well as reporting and establishing targets in those areas.

As part of the Accord, cities can profit from networking opportunities and get recognition for their work and ambitions toward becoming more sustainable. The cities will also benefit from vast expertise that the partners of the Accord will make available to them.

The CSCP will support the Accord on many levels: raise awareness with regard to the added value for signatories, facilitate the exchange of experiences and knowledge among cities, and support capacity building and training for signing cities. The CSCP will draw on expertise gathered in projects such as SCALIBUR, HOOP, Day of the Good Life, or initiatives like the European Circular Cities Declaration to support cities identify and engage all relevant actors and collaborate in inclusive and impact-driven ways. 

Would you like to hear more about our recent collaborations toward making cities more socially and environmentally sustainable? Read how we are supporting Circular Economy on a City Level, watch our webinar on this topic or check out the Circular Economy Guidebook for Cities. In addition, cities interested in joining networks and initiatives such as the Green City Accord, the Circular Cities Declaration or the HOOP follower network, can reach out to us.

For further questions, please contact Cristina Fedato.