Take a Look at Our GOALAN Project Video to Learn About Sustainable Horticulture Practices in Kenya

How can we reach out to a broader audience and successfully share the objectives and key impacts of our projects? How can we increase awareness among our key projects’ stakeholders? How can we inform project participants on the project in a nutshell? In the GOALAN project, the CSCP has answered this question in a creative and visual way through the development of our GOALAN project explainer video.

The overall objective of the project is to equip farmers and Micro and Small-Medium size Enterprises (MSMEs) with adequate knowledge and skills to drive sustainable horticulture, while also improving their access to markets and financial opportunities (in particular for young and female farmers/entrepreneurs). Through the GOALAN explainer video the project partners are aiming to create awareness among MSMEs, policymakers, other stakeholders and the general public, particularly in Naivasha Lake Basin, about the GOALAN project and its objectives in relation to the recently launched Kenya national Green Economy Strategy and Implementation Plan (GESIP) and SCP implementation. The video also serves as the introduction of the project to the local farmers participating in the trainings.

The CSCP produced the video in close collaboration with WWF Kenya and the support of the animation studio Der Lichtspieler.

For more information on the GOALAN project, please contact Kartika Anggraeni.