A Day at the Global Climate Strike

#FridaysforFuture movements all over the world have managed to bring up the climate crisis on the societal and political agenda. Having worked on new policy interventions, different business models and more sustainable lifestyles for almost 15 years, the CSCP is eager to join forces with the young generation. Our team joined the Global Climate Strike demonstrations in the cities of Wuppertal, Cologne, Berlin, Essen, Düsseldorf and Heidelberg to demonstrate for climate action and support the Fridays for Future movement.

Over the course of a year, Greta Thunberg’s #FridaysforFuture has slowly become a global movement with the youth stepping in to demonstrate and raise awareness on the topic of climate change. This is at the heart of our work at the CSCP, as it aligns with our vision of a good life for all and our work towards mainstreaming sustainable consumption and production.

Some with colourful handmade banners, the team members of the CSCP along with their colleagues, children, spouses, and friends joined the demonstrations in different German cities. This is a cause that is not only important for us as an organisation but essential for the future of our lives and the lives of the next generations.

5000 people in the street in Wuppertal! I cannot recall any previous protest of this size. However, positive mood and good weather did not hide the concern and seriousness of many, especially young, participants.’’ Stephan Schallar, Senior Consultant shared from Wuppertal where other colleagues were gathered as well, like Mariana Nicolau, Project Manager “The atmosphere in streets of Wuppertal was amazing! Full of people from different backgrounds and ages gathered around a common purpose.”

Andreas Mucke, Mayor of Wuppertal also shared, ‘’It’s great to see young people take to the streets and take a stand for their future as they have another 80-90 years to live in this world. (….)  If we don’t protect the climate and the planet from heating further, we won’t be able to do anything as there won’t be a planet anymore. That’s why I support this movement as we’re all in the same boat no matter how old we are, there is just one world for all of us.’’

Michael Kuhndt, Executive Director of the CSCP was busy supporting the path of the demonstration over the B7 in Wuppertal as well as meeting up with our local community of partners and friends. The CSCP team joined the climate strike in different cities — and the fight for climate and environmental justice — for a better future for the generations to come. I am looking forward to collaborating with others on the front line fighting against climate change. We need to engage policy makers, business and communities further in order to accelerate the required changes in consumption and production patterns.’’


Marius Mertens, Consultant reported from Cologne: ‘’The Global Climate Strike organised by #FridaysforFuture created a wonderful atmosphere in the streets of Cologne. There were about 70.000 people from all generations. The strike showed climate change has already arrived and is in the center of the German society. It was beautiful to see, what this young generation is capable of. Eva Rudolf, Creative Designer also joined in Cologne: ‘’I went with my son’s elementary school to the strike in Cologne with about 150 kids plus teachers and parents. I think it was a very valuable experience for everyone – to learn that everyone can stand up for a good future for all of us.’’

Nikola Berger, Head of Creative & Communication at the CSCP went to the strike in Berlin on her day off with her daughter’s Kindergarten. ‘The atmosphere in Berlin was peaceful and positive. It was a great day for us to take the chance to speak to our small children about the reasons for the strike. We also met a lot of teenagers who were thrilled that the next generation is joining in the movement that they have started.”

While the images display the joy we all felt to come together for a common purpose, we want to actively shape the conversation so many people have started on that day with their banners and posters, conveying wishes, demands, fears and hopes and ensure the conversation is followed by action.. To add to Michael’s statement above — our team is looking forward to collaborating with you on all we can do to fight climate change and support a good life for all!