Open Dialogue is Key for Sustainability

A graduate of economic geography with an interest for online marketing, Felix Schumacher believes that maintaining an open and ongoing dialogue with all groups in society is the key to a sustainable life. As part of the CSCP, he looks forward to mobilising the power of multi-perspective approaches in changing things for good.

Why did you apply to work for the CSCP?

I have a background in geography and economic geography, two fields that gave me access to new viewpoints on sustainability. During my studies, I worked part-time in online content marketing and was looking for a way to link my educational background and work experience in an impactful way. A few months as an intern at the CSCP were proof that this is where impact happens, so here I am.

 What are the projects that you are most excited about?

Already during my internship, I started working on the HOOP project. Being involved right from the start is a unique opportunity to see how a project kicks-off, takes shape, and starts having real impact. We work with eight lighthouse cities and regions in boosting circular, bio-waste economy models, but with very different approaches. Building bridges, managing data, and enhancing stakeholder engagement are all topics that I feel very excited about.

In your view, what are the main ingredients for a sustainable life?

Though there are many facets, I think that being open for dialogue is the main component. People have different needs and face different challenges. To make sustainability work for all, we need to make concepts relatable to all the different groups in society. Finding the right balance and making change happen while considering multiple perspectives is complex and yet one of the main ingredients for a sustainable life.

For further information, get in contact with Felix Schumacher.