How to Future-proof Your Products and Services and Become a Sustainability Trailblazer

While we offer a variety of Think and Do Services to all actors in society, we have created fact sheets for your organisations and municipalities to get a quick and clear overview of our top tools to future-proof your products and services through procurement strategies, holistic impact assessments, sustainable portfolios and business model innovation.

Our featured tools have been implemented successfully for a number of projects. They provide the exact combination of proven strategy and flexibility necessary to meet your needs and make your products and services future-proof. Read the short descriptions for each below and download the fact sheet for the tool that is right for you.

Sustainable Procurement – Did you know your procurement strategy can make all the difference in establishing sustainability and pushing innovation along your entire supply chain? The CSCP enables you to realise your buying power for creating positive impact while reaching your financial goals.

Sustainable Procurement Fact Sheet

Handprint – This innovative and holistic assessment tool enables you to tally your positive impacts in all three dimensions of sustainability. Don’t just minimise your footprint, create added value for your organisation, city or region by maximising your handprint!

Handprint Fact Sheet

Sustainable Portfolio Assessment and Management – Take a good look at your product portfolio with us. Together, we will identify strategies to make it resilient to fast-changing markets and create the transparency customers and stakeholders expect.

Sustainable Portfolio Fact Sheet

Business Opportunity Lab – Meet your future customer to identify your business potentials. This collaborative process allows you to identify, develop and test how your business will be viable in the future. Be proactive in a changing environment!

Business Opportunity Lab Fact Sheet

For more on our work and services, see the Think and Do Services.