Participants Develop Strategies for Digital Sustainable Supply Chains in Kompetenzzentrum eStandards Workshop in Bottrop

How can a service provider in the social sector implement digital sustainable supply chains? In one workshop as part of a series of three hosted by the Economic Development Agency Bottrop, experts from the Kompetenzzentrum eStandards and representatives from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) explore the possibilities that digital sustainable supply chains hold for their organisation.

Especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly in the hot seat when it comes to their complying with their customer’s code of conduct and meeting minimum ecological and social standards. At the same time, digitalisation is creating more and more opportunities for SMEs to present transparent and sustainable supply chains through digital solutions. The workshop in November tapped into this potential, discussing the added value of sustainble supply chains, hotshops and sweetspots and suitable digital and innovative solutions with participating SMEs.

Participants were, among others, a service provider from the social sector, a cleaning service for industrial premises, as well as a textile import/export company. The latter was mostly interested in a circular economy approach to keep their raw materials and products in the economic cycle longer, exploring different collection and recycling mechanisms. The cleaning company, which (among other applications)  services industrial facilities and removes graffiti from buildings, devised a strategy to engage b2b-customers in their endeavour to use more environmentally friendly chemicals.

Inpired by the workshop, the service provider from the social sector looked closely at the sustainability potential of its operations – including the potential of their buildings and car fleet. They devised a strategy for introducing energy from renewable sources in their buildings, e-mobility in their fleet and an efficient fleet management system.

The workshop’s hands-on approach proved very effective for the participants. It was a joint initiative of the Kompetenzzentrum eStandards with its experts from the Co-Working Space Wuppertal at the CSCP and the City of Bottrop. If you are interested, watch for similar workshops next year.

For further information, please contact Thomas Wagner.


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