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At the heart of the CSCP, we know that thinking about problems provides doors to a world of possibilities. To open those doors and forge a new path requires the ability to inspire others to join us in action.

Innovation & Transition Labs

Useful Innovation seldom happens in a vacuum. What makes a new idea a good one? How do we make sure our efforts are focused on solutions that people will readily adopt and can readily transition to? At CSCP, we are leading the development of hyper-focused research and evaluation through real-time prototype testing in a holistic living lab format.

These tailored labs enable groups to collaboratively agree on a sustainable vision or set of goals, identify the potential areas for innovation and lifestyles changes, implement testing, and capture extensive real time feedback through various channels. These allow organisations and policy makers to enact fast and efficient adjustments leading to high impact innovation and positive change.


Multi-stakeholder Engagements  & Panels

Thanks to our extensive experience working with diverse groups, we are well-equipped to manage the frequently complex and protracted discussions occurring when multiple stakeholders with varying priorities come together.

Our experienced speakers and moderators expertly balance the needs and interests of NGOs, multinationals, policy makers, and citizens alike while highlighting our common goals. We prioritise building momentum, motivation, and collaboration within the audience as we guide the discussion towards productive resolutions.

Another way to find sustainable solutions together is to experience them with your stakeholders in an inspirational and innovative way. The CSCP team has developed Taste, a stakeholder engagement process that serves as a starting point to a credible and innovative stakeholder dialogue. Learn more about Taste here!




Policy Advise

The CSCP’s policy advisory services are rooted in scientific research and hands-on experience stemming from our strong international network and broad range of experience planning and implementing sustainability projects across the globe.

Our collaborative work with leading international research institutions and our continued stakeholder engagement enables us to assist policy makers, at every level of government, with smooth and effective implementations.




Participatory Strategy Development

The development of a successful sustainability strategy goes beyond the need of a deep understanding of the issues at hand. Strategies imposed by top-level decision makers lack key stakeholder buy-in, ultimately impeding implementation.

At CSCP we understand the importance of engaging all the relevant players. We bring together all participants—those within the decision-making chain, those responsible for carrying out the strategy, and those ultimately affected by the changes. Understanding stakeholders’ varying interests and priorities allows us to motivate and capitalise on their strengths and expertise in order to better position the new strategy for success.




Trainings & Capacity Building

From helping HR teams empower and galvanise key staff in transitioning the company to new sustainable approaches to assisting organisations as they develop and deliver an effective communication for sustainable procurement, The CSCP’s diverse staff of experts creates a multi-disciplinary approach to sustainability training and capacity building.




Design & Communication

At the CSCP, we know that how you communicate the message is as important as the message itself. We take the time to communicate concepts, strategies, and knowledge into an accessible visual language. Good design allows us to translate content into understandable ideas. Visual storytelling using animated films, infographics, and other tools aides in the understanding of the extent of the problems facing generations to come, helping us to grasp the importance of investing in sustainable solutions today.



"Bringing together top level business practice and academic knowledge, the CSCP is a place where you'll always find a great international team and true openness to innovation"

Gregory Eve, Co-founder and CEO of greenApes