The CSCP Hosts Round Table at DiKomm – Future Digital Municipalities fair on 5 November in Essen

Cities have great creative potential and can facilitate societal transformation for sustainability in the public and private sector. The CSCP will be hosting a roundtable discussion titled “Circular City and Digital Community – interlocking developments” at dikomm, where we will be sharing more concrete examples of circular cities and urban digitalisation. Dikomm is the side event during the DIGITAL FUTUREcongress for municipalities.

For cities, the circular economy approach not only offers completely new paths to a sustainable future and a better quality of life for their citizens but also unimagined economic potential. According to EU figures, net savings of 600 billion euros or 8 per cent of the annual turnover of companies in the EU could be achieved through waste prevention, eco-design, reuse and similar measures. For innovative companies, there are also huge growth markets emerging in the course of the transformation towards a “Circular City” and that can be shaped in cooperation with key players.

The roundtable discussion will be moderated by CSCP’s Project Manager Janpeter Beckmann and Research Assistant Valerija Bogomolova who will introduce the topics of urban digitalisation related to the development of circular cities. This will be followed up with an open discussion on how digitalisation can foster the development of circular cities and the benefits of interlinking the two.

Event will be held in German: Circular City und digitale Kommune – ineinandergreifende Entwicklungen

Date: 5 November 2019

Time:  11:30 to 12:00

Location: Messehalle Essen, Norbertstraße 2, 45131 Essen

Click here for event schedule.

Please contact Janpeter Beckmann for further questions.