Enabling SMEs to Approach Digitalisation with Sustainability Lenses

Collaboration is key to building sustainable businesses that leverage the full power of digitalisation processes and tools. The CSCP trained representatives of the Mittelstand Digital competence centres on how to inspire and empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to collaborate for sustainable digitalisation.

As part of Mittlestand Digital, 26 competence centres operate all over Germany. The CSCP co-leads the Competence Centre eStandards with a strong focus on the intersection between sustainability and digitalisation.

As a first step, the training module focused on updating and advancing the participants’ understanding of digitalisation and sustainability as two strongly interrelated topics. Then, the participants were trained to effectively pass on this knowledge to the SMEs that they work with.

With SMEs in mind, the workshop offered hands-on advice that can be easily replicated at an SME level. Key fields of action were described based on the following principles:

  • Foster a good work-life balance
  • Lead in sustainable digitalisation
  • Develop competitive advantages
  • Anchor the company culture
  • Promote collaboration

The second step was sharing practical tools in understanding specific value chains and identifying strengths as well as weaknesses with respect to sustainability. Through this exercise, the participants were trained to carry “hot and sweet spot” analyses with SME’s and thereby increase the understanding of sustainability aspects within their value chain.

Following the workshop, the participants not only have a framework to make sustainable digitalisation tangible for SMEs, but also hands-on tools to increase the sensitivity for sustainable digitalisation.

For further questions, please contact Thomas Wagner.