Digitalisation for a Good Life for All

Digitalisation — one of the key mega trends of our time — enables innovations and helps upscale existing ones, it accelerates processes and saves us time, it connects us and interconnects our work. On the downside, big data puts the security of personal information in jeopardy, automation makes the need for specific jobs shrink, huge amounts of energy are needed for data management and the benefits of digitalisation are not made available to everyone equally. The opportunities as well as the challenges call for an interlinkage of digitalisation to other mega trends, such as sustainability (mitigating climate change, protecting biodiversity, decreasing resource waste) and equity (make digitalisation equally available to everyone and reduce existing inequalities). This is why the CSCP implements projects collaboratively, including civil society organisations, cities and regions, companies, national governments, and intergovernmental bodies.

We don’t have to settle for digitalisation that makes life easier only for some. At the CSCP, we see digitalisation as the transformation that economies should undergo so that they can serve our societies’ higher goals – in short, digitalisation must be led by purpose. The core challenge is: How can we make sure that digitalisation drives positive social and environmental transformation, and in the process ensure that digitalisation itself becomes more sustainable?

In this paper, we highlight some of the areas where we have had a positive impact and want to collaborate to amplify it significantly.

Download the Digitalisation for a Good Life paper

If you are interested in how the CSCP can support your organisation or your project in a digital transformation process that should be participatory, driven by purpose and considering key indicators of sustainability, watch this space as we roll out our digitisation series and contact our teams directly:

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