Digital Leadership: Listen to Our Podcast with Codecentric

With remote working turned into a new normal, many organisations are concerned about its potentially adverse side-effects. Team spirit, trust levels, longterm employee satisfaction – the stakes are high. What’s more: how to ensure that digitalisation processes are carried forward in sustainable and inclusive ways? In a recent interview with the Solingen-based IT company, Codecentric we discussed their concept of digital leadership and how it can support companies in succeeding with remote working while keeping environmental and social sustainability on the agenda.

Lars Rückemann, Codecentric CEO and his colleague Jonas Verhoelen, a software developer, explained how they bring digitalisation and sustainability together in their everyday work. They shared that internalising sustainability as the norm by which things are done is a key prerequisite. For this purpose, Codecentric is in the process of developing its own ‘climate manifesto’ in order to set firm targets for climate protection.

On the topic of remote working, Codecentric is trying to come up with formats that nurture a  ‘we’ feeling, in spite of teams sitting in different locations. ‘Remote Coffee Breaks’ or ‘Virtual Wine Tastings’ are in the meanwhile a routine for their employees. “We are a company in which the ‘we’ feeling and constant exchange are very important. We are already experiencing a great challenge due to the current situation, which we are trying to address in this way.”, shared Rückemann.

Watch highlights from the interview in this short video.

For the complete interview, listen to the podcast here or download it here.

The interview was conducted in German.

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