Listen to our Podcast: Digital Leadership for Resilient Businesses

Faced with a pandemic that challenged the conventional ways of doing business, many Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) had to reinvent themselves in order to keep up with the new dynamics. The conference on Digital Leadership gathered business representatives to discuss new leadership styles and organisational structures in SMEs, not only as a response to the pandemic but also as a vital prerequisite for resilient entrepreneurship.

The virtual conference, which was held in December 2020, focused on a perspective of leadership that adheres to the challenges and opportunities created by digital transformation, sustainability, and crises such as the Coronavirus pandemic.

As part of a panel discussion, Anna Yona, founder of Wilding Shoes, Lars Rückemann, board member of codecentric AG and Dr. Markus Baumanns from company companions presented their strategies and experiences on the role of digital leadership and the inspirational drivers that keep employees motivated, maintain the entrepreneurial spirit, and keep social and environmental sustainability high on the agenda.

From redefining organisational structures and driving decentralisation through to finding creative ways to foster informal exchange in spite of remote working, the panellists shared insights on how digital leadership can help SMEs to remain competitive and thrive.

Central to the discussion was the concept of ‘working with purpose’: how to provide employees the room to identify with their work and empower them to carry collaborative and innovative work regardless of where they are.

Highlights from the panel discussion are summarised in this video.

For the entire discussion, listen to our podcast.

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You can also listen to the podcast on Spotify. The panel discussion was followed by a lively exchange with the audience. aims to inform and support SMEs in developing solutions for entrepreneurial challenges in the age of digitalisation and sustainability.

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