Day of The Good Life in Wuppertal – Get Involved in the Planning Phase on 30 January 2020

What does the ‘good life’ mean to you and how could we collectively create a neighbourhood that makes such a life possible? On 30 August 2020 citizens in the city of Wuppertal will give their suggestions and the vision will be brought to life for one day and beyond. Register now to join the kick off and be part of Wuppertal’s future.

Imagine if citizens could create their perfect city! What would happen if they were given the chance to design public spaces in their neighbourhood? What would happen if actors from civil society, business, culture, politics and administration join forces to foster a movement for a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable city?

The project “Day of the good life” will start this experiment in Wuppertal building on the long history of very active civic engagement in the city. During visioning workshops in several neighbourhoods citizens will create their ideal quarter. This vision will be creatively brought to life as a prototype, supported by local artists. In parallel, citizen engagement strategies will motivate neighbours in the Ostersbaum quarter – where The Day of Good Life will take place – to shape their living environment. In regular network meetings diverse actors will – based on the visions created and the citizen engagement – develop ideas for The Day of Good Life that will show how a city could look. On the event day, 30 August 2020, streets will be blocked and several initiatives, as well as citizens, can use and design the free public space according to their needs and wishes. This event will help to increase the visibility of initiatives committed to creating a better city, as well as motivate citizens who are not yet engaged, to get involved and spark new ideas for sustainable urban development. The visions and ideas will be communicated to local political decision-makers to stimulate a new, sustainable city development and to strengthen the connection between citizens and policy-makers.

The official kick-off of the project takes place on 30 January 2020, at 5-8pm (Hall of the  Nachbarschaftsheim, Platz der Republik 24, 42107, Wuppertal). All interested actors from various fields are invited to join the event.

Please register here by 22 December.

The work of this one year project is designed to continue into the future. It is coordinated by Nachbarschaftsheim Wuppertal, Forum Soziale Innovationen, Büro für Nachhaltigkeit/ Ideaalwerk and the CSCP and funded by Stiftung Umwelt und Entwicklung NRW. A broad network of varrious civil society initiatives is supporting the project: Utopiastadt, Aufbruch am Arrenberg, Bob Kulturwerk e.V., Cronenberg will mehr …, Kreuzkirche, Lernort Wuppertal, Leben Wuppertal Nord, Netzwerk Wuppertals Urbane Gärten, PERSPEKTIVwechsel – Institut für Bildung und Beratung, Transzent.

For more information contact Alexandra Kessler. 

Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash