Watch the highlights of the Live Interviews on AI, Ethics and New Work Concepts

In a series of live-streamed interviews, is discussing key Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) topics with relevant actors in the field. In two recent interviews, Nicole Langrock from KI.NRW shared more on the ethical implications of applying Artificial Intelligence (AI), while Dr. Ole Wintermann from the Bertelsmann Foundation spoke on the usage of digital tools for designing modern workplaces.

Langrock presented a white paper on the ethical application of AI, which KI.NRW has recently developed. The paper is concerned with how to design and implement AI processes that protect users and their data. The document could be used by Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) as a guideline in designing and implementing AI-based processes that are also ethical. Langrock shared best case examples, but also critical applications of AI, which have led to replications of the racism and discrimination that exist in our societies.

Here is a short Video of the highlights of the interview with Nicole Langrock:

The focus of the interview with Dr. Ole Wintermann from the Bertelsmann Foundation were the New Work concepts. Dr. Wintermann highlighted the importance of using digital technologies in ways that promote self-determined work and the participation of employees — especially in the home office era that we are living now. In his own words, ‘trust and collaboration should replace control and meticulous time tracking.’

Here is a short Video of the highlights of the interview with Dr. Ole Wintermann:

The next live interview is scheduled for 29 September 2020 with Lars Rückemann of Codecentric, a Solingen-based IT company, who will discuss the topics of flat hierarchies and New Work concepts. Register here to watch the full interview live! – Sustainably Competitive is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs NRW via the EFRE fund.

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