How the Circular Cities Declaration is Empowering Cities to Become Circularity Leaders

Strategic aligning and waste management are two of the cornerstones for cities in their transition toward more circularity. During the second European Circular Cities Declaration webinar, signing cities and circularity experts exchanged knowledge and ideas on circularity at the city level.

In their path toward more circularity, cities and regions face various challenges, from engaging the right stakeholders to coming up with the best implementation plans. Through an exclusive webinar series for its over 50 signatories, the Circular Cities Declaration (CCD), is offering cities a platform to exchange and engage with one-another as well as with experts on pressing circularity topics.

During the second webinar, held in April 2021, the CSCP facilitated a discussion about the operationalisation of local circular economy strategies. During the discussion, some of the more advanced cities engaged in knowledge-sharing of key learnings, challenges, and success stories with their peers. Among others, representatives from Circular Flanders, Belgium and Maribor, Slovenia, elaborated their own journeys of developing and implementing circular economy strategies.

As part of the webinar, the CSCP also shared key learnings on the topic of biowaste management by drawing on experiences from the SCALIBUR and HOOP projects. Key steps along the biowaste value chains – from the collection to the valorisations – were discussed and new viewpoints introduced.

The ongoing webinar series is part of the European Circular Cities Declaration’s work on raising the cities’ capacities to accelerate the transition to the circular economy.

Cities and regions can join the initiative and become part of a visionary group that is taking action now for the sustainable future.

If you are interested in joining or finding out more about the CSCP efforts towards circularity in cities, reach out Cristina Fedato.