The CSCP Kicked-Off “Charter for Sustainable Digitalisation” in Collaboration With DBU

How can digitalisation help companies become more sustainable, and in turn how can digitalisation itself become more sustainable in the process? These questions are at the heart of the ‘Charter for Sustainable Digitalisation’, the project that kicked-off in March 2020 –  its goal, creating a comprehensive and concise framework that helps companies design sustainable digitalisation processes.

The questions that companies have to face when it comes to digitalisation are manifold: What does digitalisation mean for social responsibility and the environmental impact of a company? How can a company contribute to a good life for its customers through digital means, while at the same time ensuring that digital resources are used in responsible ways. How can digitalisation be used for good workplace designs? Is the company and the customer/consumer data safe?

Despite such complex and pressing questions, to date, there is no clear ethical framework that can guide companies in shaping their digitalisation efforts in sustainable ways. The project ‘Charter for Sustainable Digitalisation’ aims to close this gap by providing companies, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)  with a framework for orientation and action. The charter– a short, but concise document – will be developed in collaboration with relevant stakeholder groups and it will take into account existing initiatives on the topics of digitalisation and sustainability.

In 2020, the aim is to design a participatory collaborative process together with relevant companies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and scientists, which would set the framework for compiling the charter.

The process is still open. Interested companies, NGOs or scientists are welcome to come on board- please reach out to Patrik Eisenhauer for more details.

The ‘Charter for Sustainable Digitalisation’ is being developed in the light of global and national environmental and social challenges that have led companies to carry a wide range of actions as part of their social responsibility. The ‘Charter for Sustainable Development’ aims to define some of the most crucial challenges and potentials of digitalisation, and provide companies with a framework for sustainable business in a digitalisation-driven world.

The project ‘Charter for Sustainable Digitalisation’ is funded by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU), which supports innovative, exemplary and solution-oriented projects for the protection of the environment with special emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises.

For more information, please contact Patrik Eisenhauer.

Photo by Daniel Gonzalez on Unsplash