Today, good sustainability performance is commonly associated with having a small footprint. This is to reduce negative sustainability impacts, such as CO2 emissions, waste of natural resources, poor working conditions, etc.

Of course, this is key but there is more to explore! What about the positive impacts that our actions, processes and products are having on people and the planet?

The CSCP and its partners have developed a methodology that helps you to understand your products’ ecological, economic, and social impacts, both the negative as well as the positive impact.

At the same time, the methodology is a starting point for product innovation and sustainable business development.

We would like to show you how you can use this and therefore warmly invite you to our workshop!

What can you expect from the workshop?

Are you interested?

Date: 14 May 2019
Time: 10:00 to 16:00
Location: at the CSCP in Wuppertal

The workshop is aimed exclusively at companies. The number of participants is limited to 15 persons. The workshop will be German. A fee of 29 Euros per person will be charged, which also includes lunch.

A detailed agenda will follow shortly. For reservations and requests, please contact

For further information and inspiration, please watch the video (2 minutes):

The Circular Change Conference, taking place in Maribor, Slovenia, 16-17 May 2019, is one of the most prominent annual gatherings of the circular economy community, sustainable businesses and government actors in Europe.

The ambition of the 4th Circular Change Conference is to move towards “less talk, more action”. We are inviting you to explore what is actually happening “on the ground”. We all know that switching from a linear to a circular economy is a must. We have excellent reports and scientific data, and we have agreed to follow the sustainable development approach. What we need now is concrete action, radical collaboration and scalable success stories.

This year we are focusing on real business cases from the four priority sectors set out in the Roadmap Towards the Circular Economy in Slovenia – food system, manufacturing industries, mobility and forest-based value chains, while highlighting the key role of creative industries. Held under Honorary Sponsorship of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia Marjan Šarec and supported by renowned mentors from all over the world, the Circular Change team will be joined by around 400 participants from over 20 countries who will help us co-create sustainable solutions for the future.

Why is the Circular Change Conference a Must-be-there Event?

The CSCP supports the 4th Circular Change Conference as a communication partner!

Name: 4th Circular Change Conference
Date: 16 – 17 May 2019
Location: Maribor, Slovenia
Cost: Free

The innovation award “Bio-based Material of the Year” award will once again be given to novel, innovative and trendsetting bio-based materials and products. Through the award, the nova-Institute and InfraServ Knapsack spotlight new bio-based materials, launched in 2018 or to be launched in 2019. The deadline for submission is 28 February.

The innovation award is part of the 12th International Conference on Bio-based Materials in Cologne, 15-16 May 2019, which the CSCP supports as a media partner. The Conference is an established meeting point for companies working in the field of bio-based chemicals and materials.

Among the applicants, six candidates will be nominated for the award by an independent expert jury, and will then get the opportunity to hold a ten-minute presentation at the conference. The participants of the conference will elect the final winner of the innovation award.

This is a unique opportunity to promote new bio-based materials and products. Last year, the granulate PLA reinforced with a degradable glass fibre from the Finnish company Arctic Biomaterials Oy won the “Bio-based Material of the Year 2018” award. Tomi Kangas, Sales and Marketing says: “The bio-based material of the year award has definitely been of great value to our company. In several cases where customers and co-operation partners have contacted us they have referred to this award as the trigger to look for information about our company and products. We have also been contacted from areas outside our normal reach due to the wide press coverage the award exposed us to.”

Other winners are similarly enthusiastic. If you want to join their ranks, find out more about the innovation award and complete the online application form:

The CSCP is a media partner of the 12th International Conference on Bio-based Materials.

For further questions, please contact Jana Brauer.

European food waste experts from WRAP, Wageningen University, the CSCP, Ecologic, Anthesis and others will demonstrate how actors in the food supply chain can effectively address food waste in an upcoming series of four webinars on ‘Tackling Food Waste Across the Supply Chain’.

The EU research project REFRESH and its virtual resource and knowledge sharing platform REFRESH Community of Experts are actively promoting a collaborative approach to tackling food waste. To this end, we are hosting a month-long webinar series from 9 April – 2 May 2019, bringing together food waste experts from across Europe. The webinars will offer an opportunity to gain insights from case studies, ask the speakers questions and get leads for more information. The following topics will be presented:

Nora Brüggemann, Project Manager at the CSCP, will be a speaker in the webinar session on the causes of food waste in the supply chain on 10 April. Questions that will be tackled include: How can voluntary agreements address food waste? How does the role of voluntary agreements compare to the role of legislation? What can we learn from voluntary agreements implemented in Europe?

Date and time: 9 April – 2 May 2019

Location: Online webinars


For further details and to register please visit: The webinars will be held in English. Attendance is free of charge.

For further information please contact Nora Brüggemann.