Worldwide, only 10% of all mobile phone users give back their old mobile phones, while 90% store immense treasures of resources in their drawers at home*. In a European context, the Commission’s Circular Electronics Initiative counts on consumers to bring unused small electronic devices back to the resource cycle. But, how can consumers be supported in closing the loop and who needs which skills for that? At the #EUCircularTalk The Circular Electronics Initiative: Insights on Skills, the CSCP brings together experts and stakeholders to discuss these questions and share ideas on next steps.

The ‘right to repair’ and ‘take-back schemes’ are central elements of the Circular Electronics Initiative, launched by the European Commission as part of the Circular Economy Action Plan. The initiative is focused on “empowering consumers and providing them with cost-saving opportunities” as a key building block towards the circular economy**. But there are many obstacles on the way, foremost the intention-action gap. Consumers often declare that they are willing to endorse more sustainable practices, yet find it challenging to act on it. This leads to one central question: How can circular behaviours be supported and which skills are required to make this happen?

On 25 May, 11:00-12.30 CET, as part of the #EUCircularTalks, the CSCP on behalf of the Leadership Group “Retailers, Consumers & Skills” of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP) will host a discussion that looks to dive deeper into the type of skills that different actors, including retailers, city administrations, or civil society organisations need in order to support circular behaviours among consumers. Field experts and relevant stakeholders will present current insights and activities at the EU level, including good practices in circular behaviours regarding the electronics sector.


Date: 25 May 2021
Time: 11:00-12:30 CEST
Place: Online
Language: English

For additional information and to register, please visit the #EUCircularTalks page.

The #EUCircularTalks are a new exchange concept organised within the framework of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP), to which the CSCP is a Coordination Group member.

For further questions, please contact Imke Schmidt.

*Welfens, Nordmann, Seibt (2017)
**EC, 2020


As outlined in the EU Bioeconomy Strategy, cities have the potential to become major circular bioeconomy hubs, where biowaste is a feedstock for safe and sustainable bio-based products. Our projects SCALIBUR and HOOP have partnered with their sister Horizon 2020 projects for a six-part webinar series that will explore the state of the art of bioeconomy in Europe. In the webinar series we will take a closer look on the entire value chain, from collection to valorisation, and discuss business and policy issues relevant for the development of urban bioeconomy in Europe.

Field experts will come together to discuss how biowaste can contribute to the overall EU bioeconomy strategy and support cities in becoming circular bioeconomy hubs. The CSCP will host the second webinar of the series on the topic of Stakeholder Engagement and Citizen Awareness, sharing learnings and insights from the SCALIBUR and HOOP projects.

Updating an entire (bio)waste value chain requires the buy-in and long-term commitment of all stakeholders involved. This webinar will focus on strategies for engaging stakeholders, changing mindsets and behaviours, and establishing local leadership.


Carina Diedrich, CSCP Project Manager

Dimitra Ioannidou, CSCP Project Assistant

Laura Temmerman, Researcher at imec-SMIT-VUB

Øystein Kalve Sunde, Project and Development Leader at BIR Privat AS

Maria Jacobsen Zafar, Communication Advisor at BIR Privat AS

Theodoros Gkiourkas, Project Manager at the Bioeconomy and Environment Cluster Western Macedonia (CluBE)

Date: 19 May 2021
Time: 12:00-13:30 CEST
Place: Online
Language: English

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The webinar series is co-organised by HOOP, SCALIBUR, ValueWaste and WaysTUP! and is a partner event of EU Green Week 2021.

For further information, please contact Carina Diedrich.


Do you know a teenager or young adult who is wondering how his future career might look like? Our BOOM holiday camps offer the participants a unique opportunity to explore future jobs, discover their strengths as well as promote their courage to face the future with curiosity and enthusiasm. The registration for the 2021 BOOM camps is open – spread the word!

In 2021, participants will explore future jobs in the fields of ‘daily consumption’, ‘energy and mobility’ and ’food’. They will also have the chance to get insights into societal trends and challenges, changing consumption trends as well as ways to more sustainable lifestyles.

In the spirit of BOOM’s guiding principle Every Job is Green, the participants will explore sustainability as a key opportunity in shaping their personal and professional future.

Dates and topics:

18.07. – 23.07.2021 “Food” Age 17-24, Köln/Bonn Area

08.08. – 13.08.2021 “Energy and Mobility”, Age 14-17, Edersee in Hesse

22.08. – 27.08.2021 “Daily Consumption”, Age 14-17, Edersee in Hesse

Register via the online form!

For inspiring and hands-on activities, field experts and craftspeople will join each BOOM camp.

Check out the BOOM website to read more about past camps! To get inspired, watch our videos: BOOMThis is BOOM and Building of a Geodome!

BOOM is a joint project of the CSCP and its partners Provadis GmbH and Sportjugend Hessen e.V and it is funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety.

For further questions, please contact Carina Diedrich.