Call for Collaboration – Systemic and Innovative Thinkers for Sustainable Digitalisation

Information and communication technology has become indispensable in our daily lives. Making connectivity pervasive, it has fundamentally changed our interaction with each other and with the world, and will continue to do so at an accelerated speed. Whether it is the internet of things, artificial intelligence or virtual realities, these developments will change the way we do things: Imagine, for example, that you will just have to put on your virtual reality goggles to browse through the supermarket shelves on the search for Sunday’s meal. No more getting stuck in traffic, no crowds, no lines at the check-out counter. Better yet, these developments provide great opportunities for sustainable lifestyles: Not only can you browse the supermarket shelves virtually, you can specifically ask for products that have been produced according to your values.

On the downside, digitalisation also leads to social and economic challenges. Increased efficiency reduces the need for manpower and automatisation replaces manual labour altogether. There are no people in an automated warehouse. Robots are smoothly collecting packages and transporting them to a solar-powered, self-driving delivery vehicles that don’t even need lights. And not only the elderly experience exclusion from rapidly evolving ICT solutions.

As a society, if we want to ensure that we capture these opportunities while mitigating the challenges, we must actively steer ICT developments towards serving us. We need a people-centric, co-creation approach to digitalisation. The digital transformation is happening now. At the CSCP, we want to see it realise its full potential; from enabling sustainable lifestyles to solving societal needs.

At the Web Summit 2017, Michael Kuhndt, Executive Director of the CSCP, called for a global civil society network to act as the systemic thinker and actor driving the incorporation of social, economic and ecological impacts into ICT development. The CSCP has already begun this journey in past and present collaborations, such as ILoNA, INHERIT, CATALYST, #smarter2030, WBCSD Sustainable Lifestyles and Mittelstand-4.0 Kompetenzzentrum eStandards.

Add your expertise and collaborate to re-imagining society, economics, and technology through a digital transformation that supports a good life for all of us.

As a society, we have the obligation, but also the great opportunity to shape these chances and challenges by actively steering ICT developments that serve us. At the CSCP, we want to realise the full potential of digitalisation. We are inviting you to join us on (this journey ) towards a people-centric, co-creation approach to digitalisation.

Get in touch – contact Michael Kuhndt with your ideas and enquiries.

Photo Credit: Unsplash