First BOOM Camp: Building and Living

BOOM’s unique career orientation programme took place from 2 to 7 August 2020 in Hessen and gave teenagers between 14 and 17 a chance to explore and experience handicraft professions and sustainable lifestyles in preparation for future career choices.

Professional craftspeople joined the holiday career camps to provide teenagers with tips and tricks on how to design and create upcycled products. From turning old surfboards into benches to sit on or rebuilding broken tree houses’ roofs and making them functional again, participants of the first BOOM camp got busy being creative and hands-on.

During the free time, a wide range of low-carbon activities were offered to the participants, including mountain biking, archery or the exploration of the surrounding area for tasty and healthy wild herbs.

Despite the special circumstances related to Corona and the strict hygiene rules, the career orientation camp managed to ignite new ideas about how career choices could lead to a more sustainable and inclusive future and was a full-on success with the participants.

Two further BOOM orientation camps are scheduled to take place in 2020, in Walberberg, Cologne/Bonn. The second BOOM camp, 20-25 September 2020, focuses on the topic of daily consumption and is dedicated to young adults between 18 and 25 years.

The third BOOM camp on the topic of nutrition is scheduled for 11-16 October 2020. Teenagers between 14 and 17 years are eligible for the camp and registration is still open. If you know a teenager who is wondering how his or her career might look like in the future, spread the word!

BOOM (Berufsorientierung und Nachhaltigkeit mal Anders) are six-day career orientation camps for teenagers and young adults. Participants of the camps have the opportunity to explore future jobs in fields such as “daily consumption and product design”, “energy and mobility”, “building and housing” and “food and agriculture”. The main goal of the BOOM camps is to mainstream an understanding of sustainability as a key aspect in the career choices of the next generation.

BOOM camps are a joint project of the CSCP and its partners Provadis GmbH and Sportjugend Hessen e.V and it is funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety.

For further questions, please contact Carina Diedrich.