Bio-based Material of the Year 2019

For the twelfth year in a row, the innovation award “Bio-based Material of the Year” will be granted to the innovative bio-based chemicals and materials industry for finding new applications and markets for their bio-based materials. This year, 6 candidates are nominated for the award.

The winners will be selected at the “12th International Conference on Bio-based Materials”, 15-16 May 2019, in Cologne, Germany. Out of a total of 21 applications, six new materials and products have been nominated for the innovation award by the members of the conference advisory board.

After a short presentation of the six candidates, the three winners will be elected by the participants of the conference and honoured with the innovation award, sponsored by InfraServ GmbH Knapsack, at the festive dinner buffet.

The “Top 6” candidates are:

  • Aakar Innovations Pvt. Ltd. (IN): Anandi Eco+ – 100% Compostable Sanitary Pads
  • CARBIOLICE SAS (FR): EVANESTO® – Zero Impact PLAstic
  • Golden Compound GmbH (DE): HOMEcap – Home Compostable Capsule
  • Scion – New Zealand Forest Research Institute Ltd (NZ): Ligate Adhesive Technology
  • Spinnova Oy (FI): Spinnova – Sustainable Textile Fibre
  • Stora Enso (FI/SE): Lineo™ – Lignin Alternative for Petroleum Based Products

The “12th International Conference on Bio-based Materials” features key innovation issues in the field of bio-based building blocks & polymers, bio-based fine chemicals, industrial biotechnology and biodegradable solutions. In addition, future visions and the latest policy regulations will be discussed. The final programme of one of the biggest conferences in the European bioeconomy is now available online.

In the framework of the conference, EU project-related workshops will take place at the same venue a few days before and after the conference. In these workshops, international experts of the bio-based industry will cover the latest technology trends, market data and strategies. Additionally, on the second day of the conference, there will be a workshop on In-Depth B2C Market Research and GreenPremium. More information about the about the whole range of available workshops to be found here.

The CSCP is a media partner of the Conference on Bio-based Materials.

For further questions, please contact Jana Brauer.