The CSCP Joins Leading German Association on Alternative Protein Sources

The German Association for Alternative Protein Sources (Bundesverband für alternative Proteinquellen e.V., or Bal-Pro) officially kicked-off this summer. The Association’s members come from a network of start-ups, food companies and experts. They will come together to create a platform that provides transparent and comprehensible information on alternative protein sources. The CSCP is a member of this Association and will mainly act as a scientific advisor.

The complexity of our food production systems often makes it difficult for consumers to understand the production processes to make sustainable and informed consumption choices. The Bal-Pro Association thrives on an exchange from start-ups, consumers, research institutions and corporations. They aim to provide clear information on alternative protein sources internally (between the members of the association) and externally.

The official kick-off meeting saw representatives from the German food industry (including large and small corporations), innovative start-ups and scientists from the food industry. The CSCP participated in this meeting as our Executive Director, Michael Kuhndt, is a member of this Association.

Bal-Pro chairmen Sebastian Biedermann and Fabio Ziemßen shared that the association, which began with seven members, has now expanded to 48 member companies. The members also set the strategic fields of action for Bal-Pro,  including Food Data + Protein 4.0, Labelling +Transparency, the Future of Alternative Proteins, and Raw Materials.

The CSCP is looking forward to being a part of this promising new association as alternative protein sources have great potential to change the food landscape in Germany to be more sustainable.

For further information, please contact Carina Diedrich.