Supporting Organisations to Accelerate the Positive Impact of Digital Technologies

Arne von Hofe joined our Sustainable Business and Entrepreneurship (SBE) team as project coordinator with a focus on the Charter for Sustainable Digitalisation project. His main goal is to support companies in developing business cases for sustainability that take advantage of the enabling power of digital technologies.

What do you feel most passionate about in your work?
I am deeply convinced that a paradigm shift is taking place right now. One where businesses cannot remain competitive and successful without societal and environmental purpose and corresponding positive, measurable impact. Drivers of change like the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Paris Agreement or the EU Green Deal, just to name a few, strengthen the financial value drivers for businesses to act more sustainably, while digital technologies offer paramount enabling potential for this purpose. My passion is to contribute to this important transition and work with businesses and their stakeholders to create economic value by delivering on ecologic and social objectives.

How did your journey come to intersect with the CSCP?
My professional career has been guided by my quest to work in an environment that synthesises what I am good at, what I am passionate about and where I can contribute to what is really needed in our world. I have worked for a digital start-up, one of the leading IT companies worldwide, one of Europe’s largest retail companies as well as for one the most influential global development organisations. The projects and associated tasks in my new position at the CSCP are like a ‘best-of’ of what I love doing and what I have experience in: intertwining digitalisation and sustainability in a business context, and collaborating with stakeholders and systems thinking in an international environment. I feel inspired by CSCP’s track record of impactful work and its culture, best known for ‘walking the talk’. Last but not least, I regard the CSCP as especially well positioned to support the current European Green Deal transformative agenda, which builds on digital technologies to reform today’s production and consumption patterns toward an economic model that contributes to society and the health of the planet.

Now that you’ve joined the CSCP, what are you looking forward to the most?
We are currently giving birth to the Charter Sustainable Digitalisation, which is, among other things, about cutting through complexity at the interface of digitalisation und sustainability, providing orientation for interested organisations and complementing it with hands-on practical advice. Our mission is to drive economically sound and bold commitments and subsequent actions of companies that boost their sustainability performance with digital means. I am very much looking forward to generate impact with this tool and put it into practice with pioneering companies.

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