149 – That Is the Number of People Who Visited the Popup Dialogue-Centre on Opening Night

The team of actors, Stefan Herrmann, Anna Röser and Romi Goehlich were on the road in the city centre of Wuppertal before the opening event, asking citizens to design an APP for their future work. We collected these ideas in the pop-up dialogue centre on our APP wall. Visit the Popup Dialogue-Centre to check out the APPs and many other great installations!

Prior to the opening, our other interaction formats also invited passers-by to visit the exhibition and participate. The empty store at the Rathaus Galerie Wuppertal quickly filled up with invited guests, spontaneous visitors and citizens who had travelled to the opening.

We are thrilled about the positive response to the exhibition and the great discussions. Moderated by Carolin Baedeker from the Wuppertal Institute and Michael Kuhndt from the CSCP, the panelists Ralf Münchow from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Julia Koch from Entrance, Martin Klebe from the Employment Agency Solingen-Wuppertal and Jörg Heynkes, author of the book Zukunft 4.1, as well as the visitors debated the topic “Digital Competences: Which ones do I need?”. But there were also questions about data security, decision control by artificial intelligence and job security – will we soon be replaced by robots? Opinions differed, but one thing was clear: there are professions that are undergoing major changes, and some will become obsolete, but others – such as roofers and electricians – will continue to exist for a long time.

Ethical, philosophical and other critical questions were also discussed. Visitors were interested not only in the future of their work, but also in the path we want to take as a society.

We can still shape the digitalisation of work in such a way that it is useful for all of us! Do so with us, let us know how you would like to use digitalisation for your work and what your wishes are for the future of work!

The exhibition is open in Wuppertal on business days from 12 – 7pm. On 26 October the exhibition will close in Wuppertal, and reopen in Gelsenkirchen on 31 October. Visit us!

For further questions, please contact Imke Schmidt.