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The Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP) is an international nonprofit Think and Do tank that works with businesses, policy makers, partner organisations and civil society towards a good life

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The CSCP Heads the First-Ever Centre for Economics and Digital Responsibility in the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

How can companies contribute to improving the quality of life for everyone in times of digitalisation? How can companies successfully adopt sustainability as a part of their digital strategy? The newly set up centre aims to answer these questions by encouraging small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to introduce a long-term concept on economic, ecological, digital and social issues and to develop innovative products, services and business models. The centre is also an important component in the implementation of the strategy for digital transformation in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).


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How to Future-proof Your Products and Services and Become a Sustainability Trailblazer

While we offer a variety of Think and Do Services to all actors in society, we have created fact sheets for your organisations and municipalities to get a quick and clear overview of our top tools to future-proof your products and services through procurement strategies, holistic impact assessments, sustainable portfolios and business model innovation.

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Making the change happen: Accelerating change towards the sustainable behaviours that really matter – with NGOs and beyond!

The Academy of Change is a pioneering capacity building programme on sustainable behaviour change designed for future leaders working on climate change and sustainability, starting with the NGO sector. The Academy was created in 2017 by the CSCP in partnership with Behaviour Change, funded by the KR Foundation to address the need of NGOs worldwide to better understand behavioural knowledge and be able to unlock its practical application in real-life interventions.

In this report, we welcome you to learn in more detail about the first two years of the Academy work, the core behaviour change tools as well as the results of our pilot interventions and more.


Call for Collabortion

Digital Responsibility as Part of Corporate Strategy

Digitalisation fundamentally alters the way we do business and how we interact with one another and with our environment. This challenges all of us to shape this new playing field to enable a good life for everyone. There are great opportunities for organisations as well as for sustainability, but with them, we also face new responsibilities.


Join the CSCP’s Co-Working Space

If you are interested in collaborating with the CSCP, the Co-Working Space might be the right starting place for you. To find out more, contact Ramon Külpmann.

"WRAP are delighted to partner with the CSCP to find ways of transferring the collaborative approach to food waste measurement and prevention in the UK to Germany. Together with the CSCP we want to find innovative ways to decrease food waste in Germany with a broad coalition of companies, civil society actors, political institutions and scientific institutes."

David Rogers, International Food Waste Programme Manager, WRAP